60 Meaningful Vruschika Rashi (Scorpio) Baby Names for Boys and Girls! In this process, it may also flush out also some of the essential nutrients if taken in excess. Required fields are marked *. Keep away from pineapple and papaya juice. All of the health benefits of watermelon during pregnancy can be turn back as a disease if not consume right. It is sour, acidic, and sweet and is mostly considered an ideal snack for pregnant women with morning sickness, but however, this fruit is not actually good for pregnant women in any way. Watermelon contains a rich amount of minerals like potassium and magnesium, vitamins like A, B1 and B6. Alleviates Morning Sickness. Ans: Apricots are generally regarded as an unsafe dry fruit during pregnancy. It can be combined with savory foods for a great taste. Litchi is one such fruit that is not good during pregnancy. It is a condition that can lead to serious effects for both you and your baby. Here are some of the side effects that can cause too much amount of consuming watermelon during pregnancy time: Overconsumption of watermelon can increase the blood sugar levels thereby increasing the chances of gestational diabetes in pregnant women; Consuming watermelon that is kept in the open for some time can cause gastric issues. Are There Any Side Effects Of Eating Watermelon In Pregnancy? Excess consumption of litchi can lead to fetal derangement, bleeding, abdominal pain heartburn, or harm to the fetus, moreover can even lead to miscarriage. ½ cup balsamic vinegar – make sure you check with your doctor whether you can have it while you are pregnant. Is It Safe To Drink Chamomile Tea During Pregnancy? Avoid eating precut fruits to protect yourself and the unborn baby from infections. Ghee During Pregnancy: Does It Help In Having A Normal Delivery? Some unflavored gelatin – check with your doctor if you can use it during pregnancy. Take it out once the time is up and toss it once more before serving. Your email address will not be published. Let the mix chill in the fridge before consuming. Here we look at how watermelons affect you during pregnancy. It is a condition that can lead to serious effects for both you and your baby. Let it sit in the fridge for about 15 minutes to let it chill properly. Use plastic wrap to cover the bowl and place it in the fridge for about 30 minutes. Is It Safe To Drink Coke During Pregnancy? Add the gelatin to the cold water and let it stand aside for about a minute. This is an admired fruit for its sweet odour plus flavour. Watermelon has many health benefits of watermelon during pregnancy. Light swelling on the hands and feet or edema is common during pregnancy. As with any food you eat when you are pregnant, it is important to check with your doctor first. 2 large peeled, pitted and diced avocados, 1 cup balsamic vinegar salad dressing – check with your doctor first else ask for a pregnancy safe alternative. Watermelon, consumed during the mornings, gives a very refreshing, … What Are The Spices to Eat and Avoid During Pregnancy, Diet Plan for 8th Month Pregnancy – Foods To Eat & Avoid, 17 Healthy and Safe Energy Drinks to Take During Pregnancy, 17 Top Foods and Beverages to Avoid During Pregnancy, Foods To Eat And Avoid In The Pregnancy First Trimester Diet, First Month Of Pregnancy Diet – Which Foods To Eat And Avoid, 15 Modern Bathroom Basin Designs With Pictures In 2020, 8 Latest Lotus Herbals Face Washes Available In 2020, 15 Modern Eyelet Curtain Designs With Pictures, 20 Best Hairstyles for Big Faces You Should Try on, 20 Best Bathroom Cabinet Designs With Pictures In 2020. Once the time is up, take it out of the fridge and blend in a blender. Squeeze the lime juice just before eating. Papayas particularly the unripe plus semi-ripe diversity are rich in latex that has to evade throughout pregnancy. Both green and black grapes are unsafe fruits during pregnancy and hence never recommended. The high water content present in watermelon reduces the blockages in veins and muscles, thus treating edema. Dehydration leads to premature contractions and causes premature birth. Please read our Disclaimer. Mix all the ingredients together and blend them in a food processor until smooth. These nutrients are the natural energy boosters thus offering great energy for the body. Is It Safe To Eat Apples During Pregnancy? Salt and freshly ground pepper as per taste. Like everything you eat when you are pregnant, make sure you have your doctor’s approval first before making any of these dishes. Peaches can lead to bleeding internally if consumed in excess by pregnant women as it generates more heat. This fruit is known to increase body temperature and can cause dry mouth and constipation. Find the Information’s on Beauty, Fashion, Celebrities, Food, Health, Travel, Parenting, Astrology and more. It can sometimes cause the cervix to widen leading to miscarriage especially during the first trimester when the mother is at high risk of having a miscarriage. Is It Safe To Eat Grapefruit During Pregnancy? Watermelon eases these problems and … The sugar content in the fruit can also raise your blood glucose level. Wild apple can induce heat in the body and lead to miscarriage. They do more harm than good for the growth of the baby and your body. It glows and appears beautiful. Papaya Avoid During Pregnancy: Papayas particularly the unripe plus semi-ripe diversity are rich in … It also boosts fetal derangement, abdominal pain, bleeding and cause harm to the fetus leading to miscarriage.Longan is a harmful fruit during pregnancy. We recommend you avoid grapes during your entire pregnancy. [ Read: Home Remedies to Treat Heartburn During Pregnancy ]. It can be pickled or stir-fried. They are as follows: Excess consumption of watermelon increases the blood glucose levels, thus causing gestational diabetes. You can first chill it in the refrigerator if you wish to. Fresh berries are however considered to be good as they are fresh in their stacking of nutrients. Litchi juice is good during pregnancy but should be taken in moderation to prevented unnecessary complications. They are known to cause contractions and also induce heat in the body, both of which are not desirable. Is It Safe To Drink Hot Water During Pregnancy? Frozen berries will be kept for a longer time thus leading to be toxic for you and the baby. Store in the fridge for at least four hours to let it cool before eating. It can be provide healthy. Yet this fruit is not really ideal for pregnant women. Watermelon eases these problems by soothing the food pipe and stomach. Now place the saucepan over low heat and cook it for about two minutes. Add the heavy cream and beat it all together to get a smooth consistency. Mix the cumin, chili powder, coriander, cayenne pepper and salt in a bowl. Surprised? It stimulates kidney function, purifies the liver and reduces uric acid levels in the blood.