Maegawa: It makes us very happy to hear that young developers are being influenced by games like Gunstar Heroes. New fag? GamesBeat: What’s different about developing a game you fully own like Ikaruga as opposed to something you develop on behalf of a publisher who then owns the property like Nintendo does with Sin & Punishment or Capcom with Gaist Crusher? What game in your catalog would you like to develop a new sequel for? It was put on the Sega Saturn though so that explains things…, This post has more holes in it than swiss cheese.XD. You liked TMNT? Seriously this treasure finder is probably the best addition in the last patch. Or Sillhouette Mirage 2. Treasure won. The character warping of Stretch Panic and the unique, audio-based method of sharing player-made levels in Bangaio Spirits are just two examples. it seems like they’re one of those Japanese companies that didn’t transition well into the modern era. The last decade has been really hard on them. Also, they are known for the creation of solutions capable of curing any disease. I played their Bleach fighter on DS. Many games from the early ’00s remain trapped on old console and arcade hardware, never getting re-released, but Ikaruga has jumped from Dreamcast to Gamecube to Steam and now Switch. However, if there is another skilled planner, programmer, director and sound designer out there, it might be possible, so we’d like to keep it in mind as a possibility. All way before any game had those. That was pretty good. We’ve learned of a rumor (via NeoGAF) surrounding independent Japanese developer Treasure. The developer, known for classic action games like Gunstar Heroes, Guardian Heroes, Mischief Makers, and Ikagura, is reportedly going to cease game development production. There was a remaster on XblA, And a lesser well received, inferior squeal on gba. I’ve gotten back into Saturn emus JUST for Guardian-Heroes, would gladly buy it for my Steam library- ESPECIALLY w/ graphic upgrades! Be a pirate and dig the treasures from the heart of the earth or go to an endless treasure hunt fighting against other treasure thirsty enemies! What were some of the challenges you faced as an independently owned development studio in the ’90s and ’00s that small studios no longer face? The group debuted on August 7th, 2020. What game or property would you love to create a new game in? Maegawa: We can’t provide any details, but thankfully we are fortunate enough to receive offers from various companies even now. Fusing the pulse-pounding pressure of a falling block puzzle game with grapple-powered platforming, Treasure Stack offers up a fast-paced party game experience like no other. I thought the rest were trash too, but I can understand why tge weaboo set and/or fans of the propertes would dig them. So, for a company like ours that likes to make games a certain way, there are times when it can be hard to balance out the line between sales goals and making games the way we want. Damn shame if true, but what the heck have they been doing lately? First, in cases where the game’s copyright is not owned by Treasure alone, the discussion between the copyright holders needs to be made. Chocolate ISISCream. That’s sad, they should have made Mischief Makers 2 though. I hope they don’t close, nedd another Sin and Punishment in my life. Sell some licences, let bigger studios make the games, get some money, bring some attention back to your brand, then try again. On the other hand, games that are already made in 3D, such as Ikaruga, are easier to re-release.