We love our cream soda and all, but…. In 2008, Pepsi debuted Pepsi Natural, a soda free of artificial flavoring, colorings, preservatives, and sweeteners. Sprite Remix was discontinued due to poor sales in 2005. Fun fact: Sergio Zyman was the same executive who launched New Coke in 1985. So special, in fact, that it was only found in Taco Bell upon its debut. Although some varieties of Slice are available at soda fountains, the original Lemon-Lime Slice was discontinued and replaced with Pepsi’s Sierra Mist in 2003. But, you can check out our 12 flavors at Fanta.com to see what's available near you'. Introduced in 2012 as a seasonal flavor, it used real sugar. The Standard contacted Fanta to find out more, and they replied: "Fanta Lemon is still available in the UK and isn’t being discontinued. Coca-Cola officially discontinued Coca-Cola BlāK in 2007, but continued to sell off its remaining stock into the following year. Introduced in 2006, Diet Pepsi Jazz was a diet soda available in three different flavors: Black Cherry and French Vanilla, Strawberries and Cream, and Caramel Cream. The new arrivals were called “The Wild Bunch” and literally didn’t last longer than a year. In 1969, Coca-Cola introduced a carbonated, non-alcoholic apéritif for the Italian market called Beverly. A soft drink meant to be consumed during breakfast, Pepsi boasted that it featured 28% more caffeine than regular Pepsi (which was still 77% less than coffee). Vault was a citrus soda and energy drink hybrid marketed primarily towards teenage boys and young men. One major downside: Pepsi Wild Bunch came in a three-pack, so if you were craving just one flavor, too bad: you were stuck with two more. A combo of all of the above? No thanks. The beverage was similar to regular Sprite, but with an added citrus or fruit kick. Dubbed Pepsi Wild Bunch, the soft drink attempted to capture the taste of summer with Strawberry Burst, Tropical Chill, and Raging Razzberry. But thankfully, there are many, less polarizing Sierra Mist flavors out there for fans to enjoy. Marketing executive Sergio Zyman came up with OK Soda, which was a soft drink intended to appeal to the movement’s anti-corporate sensibilities. Coca-Cola later released a “do-it-yourself” version of Sprite Remix, which featured a flavor packet with a can of regular Sprite. It could always make a shocking comeback someday. They brought it back only once — in 2016 after the Ghostbusters reboot came out. Listen, strawberry is usually the best flavor when it comes to most snacks and treats. Some are gross, some are interesting, and others may be good enough to actually be manufactured in cans and bottles someday. They sold it to a small manufacturer, who got bought by Big Red, who made a deal with the Dr Pepper Snapple Group, which relaunched All Sport in 2009. To compete with Pepsi’s Mountain Dew, Coca-Cola started stocking American grocery stores with Vault (and other Vault varieties) in 2005. The sophisticated soda is available at various World of Coca-Cola museums throughout the United States. OK Soda had its own manifesto and "unconventional" marketing campaign that revolved around the idea that “Things are going to be OK.” The soda company even hired alternative cartoonists Daniel Clowes (Ghost World) and Charles Burns (Black Hole) to design soda cans and commercials for the brand. Fanta Zero is a sugar free soda manufactured and distributed by the The Coca-Cola Company. Pepsi Natural was even packaged in a sleek 12-ounce glass bottle and was only available in premium grocery stores and natural food aisles. Cream soda? Fanta production was discontinued when the German and Dutch Coca-Cola branches were reunited with their parent company. When questioned why, Fanta responded in a further (also now deleted) tweet: "Many factors go into the decision to stop selling a particular product. The drink was reportedly inspired by Fred Flintstone, and had notes of orange and pineapple in it. Coca-Cola is discontinuing 200 drink brands—about half their total portfolio—with the goal of focusing on popular sodas and consumer trends. In 2006, Vault was a big part of the Super Bowl XL pregame show with a number of TV spots declaring that it “Drinks like a soda, kicks like an energy drink." (Apéritifs are generally alcoholic beverages served before a meal in order to stimulate one's appetite.) But this year, reports came out that in certain markets, Sprite Tropical—dropping the "Remix," apparently—was back on store shelves in parts of the southeastern U.S. But throughout the years, both the Coca-Cola Company and PepsiCo have played around with their product lines, resulting in a number of other short-lived, now-discontinued soft drinks. Either it was a promotional flavor or something that regionally just didn’t hit the mark. It hasn’t been seen since 2017, but who knows? Then Orbitz might have been right up your alley. For a brief period of time starting in 2006, Coca-Cola made your dream a reality by releasing the coffee-flavored Coca-Cola BlāK. In 1993, Coca-Cola wanted to capitalize on the growing counterculture movement associated with the cynical members of "Generation X." Pepsi introduced Lemon-Lime Slice in an effort to compete with 7-Up and Coca-Cola’s Sprite in 1984. No way. The flavor can best be described as cherry pomegranate. Phew! Following the launch of several drinks by the Pepsi corporation in the 1950s, Coca-Cola relaunched Fanta in 1955. The oddest flavor of them all was Pineapple Banana Cherry Coconut — seems to be a bit much. Unlike standard 7-Up, this one included caffeine. They were still very new back then — hence why a mini road trip was involved. It came out in 2006, but then quietly disappeared in 2007. But, you can check out our 12 flavors at Fanta.com to see what's available near you'. Here are some of the most extreme that have since gone extinct. The problem was it was relatively expensive to produce, and Coca-Cola was able to come out with a competing product (Minute Maid Orange soda) that was cheaper to make and customers simply preferred the taste of. Beverly remained on shelves throughout the country for 30 years, but was discontinued when the company consolidated its Italian bottling facilities in 2009. Its diet counterpart was available with no calories, but with the same Mountain Dew taste. In fact, they make for a pretty good dessert drink if you’re really trying to cut down on calories. It’s also sweet and lightly carbonated. I figure cinnamon would have a reverse effect on that. Ever wish your soda tasted more like coffee? The good news is that it’s still available in select countries overseas, so if you’re thinking of booking a flight to Indonesia, you may be in luck. These days, those machines are almost expected in your favorite dining and entertainment venues. Also, what made it gold? The beverage was only made available in a few test markets throughout the United States, until Pepsi discontinued it less than a year later. Perhaps that’s how Orange Vanilla Coca-Cola got its start. The beverage company worked for two years developing the recipe in the hopes of tapping into the premium coffee market. "Fanta lemon: Discontinued. Sprite Remix was eventually available in three varieties: Tropical, Berryclear, and Aruba Jam. However, when Pepsi purchased Gatorade in 2001, they made a. that they’d sell off All Sport in an effort to increase competition in the market. Today, OK Soda cans and box art can be found on eBay for about $50 a can. If you’ve never tried it, it’s sweet and fruity. And honestly, it’s probably a treat you only want every once in a while. The latest lifestyle, fashion and travel trends, Register with your social account or click here to log in. Raging Razzberry is the last member of the “Wild Bunch,” and it’s so wild that it can’t even be spelled correctly. No need to panic people, Fanta Lemon isn't being discontinued in the UK, {{#singleComment}}{{value}} Comment{{/singleComment}}{{^singleComment}}{{value}} Comments{{/singleComment}}, {{#singleComment}}{{value}} comment{{/singleComment}}{{^singleComment}}{{value}} comments{{/singleComment}}, Show{{#moreThan3}} {{value_total}}{{/moreThan3}} comments, You may not agree with our views, or other users’, but please respond to them respectfully, Swearing, personal abuse, racism, sexism, homophobia and other discriminatory or inciteful language is not acceptable, Do not impersonate other users or reveal private information about third parties, We reserve the right to delete inappropriate posts and ban offending users without notification. . Sadly, Coca-Cola pulled the plug after sales fell short of expectations in most of its test markets in 1995. Fanta lovers from the US to Europe took to the platform to convey their distress. Made with lightly sparkling water, the beverage boasted natural caramel, apple extract, kola nut extract, and natural sugar cane instead of high-fructose corn syrup.