But they remain remarkable whiskies, offering excellent value for money, and typifying their own house style. That fame and Japan’s love of the Highball (expert mix of whisky with soda water and ice) have depleted stocks, leading to empty shelves and rising prices, but the best Japanese whisky retains a perfumed restraint and complexity that delivers a clear flavour message without ever needing to shout. There are also blended malts – a mix of two or more single malts – and single grain whiskies, which, as the name suggests, come from a named grain distillery. The decanter has a “misty” look that entices the eye and makes the whiskey look cool to touch and very appealing. The topper of the decanter has a very definitive “twist” pattern that continues down the entire decanter, slowly twisting elegantly and carefully around the container. This particular decanter offers a whole 28 ounces of space inside, making it perfect for storing a 750ml bottle of your finest whiskey. The clear Waterford Crystal design is a tried and tested formula that has stood the test of time, looking just as gorgeous as it ever did. Blended malts are rising in influence, whether it’s the bar-friendly mixability of Monkey Shoulder, the fruit/smoke tang of the revived Johnnie Walker Green Label, or the often astonishing creations of independents such as Compass Box. One way in which it differs is the decanters very contemporary style. Waterford Crystal Lismore Scotch Decanter, Zwiesel 1872 Charles Schumann Hommage Collection Comete Handmade Whisky Carafe, Ravenscroft Crystal Beveled Blade Container, Reed & Barton Crystal Soho Square Decanter, Ravenscroft Crystal 125th Anniversary Kensington Set, Ravenscroft Crystal Taylor Double Old Fashioned Set, Iceberg Scotch Decanter by Ashcroft Fine Glassware, Whiskey Decanter Set with 2 Old Fashioned Whisky Glasses, 5 Key Features to Look for When Choosing a Whiskey Decanter. Lowland single malts are mainly distinguished by a deceptively light, grassy style, epitomised by Glenkinchie and triple- distilled Auchentoshan, while Ailsa Bay ploughs a more idiosyncratic furrow. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. If the decanter you have chosen contains any lead-based crystal, then the lead is likely to leach into the whiskey over time. Unique Decanters More than a decade since its first release, Kavalan continues to wow doubters with its fruity character and eclectic choice of casks. This refusal to be pigeonholed makes Highland whiskies all the more fascinating to explore. While not being the most necessary household furnishing, a whiskey decanter is sure to attract the eye and give your household a definite sense of sophistication. Scotch whisky’s popularity increased, and become firmly cemented, in the late 19th century after the phylloxera epidemic decimated many of France’s vineyards and in turn its brandy production. It’s more than a century since Masataka Taketsuru’s fact-finding trip to Scottish distilleries, which helped kick-start the Japanese whisky industry and its twin dynasties of Suntory and Nikka. Scotch whisky can be separated into two main categories – Malt Whisky which can only be made from malted barley and must be distilled in pot stills and Grain Barley which can be a combination of malted barley and other grains and distilled in column stills. By 1870 the whiskey trade had become well developed across America though production oversight was difficult to maintain and fraudsters often passed-off non-whiskey drinks packaged in whiskey bottles. But bust inexorably followed boom and, one by one, they all shut down, except for Springbank and Glen Scotia, with a resurrected Glengyle opening in 2004. With its decorative clear glass exterior, it represents the ideal yet affordable way of displaying and pouring whiskey, bourbon, vodka, gin or Scotch, while its plastic stopper has a strong seal to ensure your favorite beverage stays safe and protected. In the late 19th century, Irish whiskey ruled the world, comfortably outselling its Scottish rivals. Luxury Decanters Shortly after, during the dissolution of the monasteries under the rule of King Henry VIII, whisky production moved out of a monastic setting and into personal homes and farms. Unless they are marked specifically as ‘single cask’ they are made by blending whiskies of different casks and ages and are usually released with an indication of age (if so, this will be the youngest whisky in the blend). A clear crystal decanter that oozes with subtle elegance and provides complete practicality. Blended whisky accounts for the vast majority of worldwide sales of all Scotch whisky (roughly 92% of the worldwide Scotch market). Scotland’s labyrinthine network of islands once offered ideal conditions for illicit distillation, but relatively few distilleries survived into the age of legal production – although their number is now expanding again. It is made-up of whisky from two or more distilleries and comes in three permitted types: Blended Malt Scotch Whisky, Blended Grain Scotch Whisky and Blended Scotch Whisky (a mixture of malt and grain whisky). acocktaillife.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com, 17 Best Whiskey Decanters & Decanter Sets on 2020. At one point in time Irish Whiskey was the most popular spirit in the world with more than 30 distilleries in the country and, despite a long period of decline from the late 19th century to the late 20th century, is seeing a resurgence in production and exports. $30.99 shipping. Premium Decanters The craft distilling revolution has only brought more diversity, as a new generation of producers questions every piece of accepted wisdom, experimenting and innovating to find something new to say: look for Westland, Balcones, Smooth Ambler, Hudson and WhistlePig. Buyers Guide – What to look for when buying a whiskey decanter? Ashcroft seems to be a master at making affordable whiskey decanters as this twist decanter, much as the iceberg decanter mentioned previously, has a very striking design that is almost guaranteed to catch the eye of everyone who glances upon it. But even here there are exceptions: the bewitching fruit of Bruichladdich and Bunnahabhain offers a smoke-free zone (although both make peated whisky too). Alc 43%, This takes bourbon beyond its signature coconut sweetness, adding layer upon layer of fruit, caramel and gentle smoke, undercut by a pleasingly earthy character. A classic yet equally contemporary design, this Lismore rounded decanter looks simply exquisite. But even ‘traditional’ distillers play a number of riffs around this central theme, from richly spiced rye to softly textured wheat, or the original American corn-dominant, young style.