Microsoft Word - 143495 fo Vacation feedback hp This fact is not often the fault of destination management. Generally, in the phase of searching destination for vacation, the most evaluated tool to obtain information to make the best decision is World of mouth marketing. Social media as a destination marketing tool: its use by national tourism organisations. The survey aimed to obtain the attitude of respondents to selected tools of modern marketing communication while searching the destination for their vacation, sharing their experience online while being on vacations and presenting their opinion on just finished vacations. Word-of-Mouth Marketing (abbreviated WOM) marketing is focused on inducing the effect of the oral spread of “advertising” between customers themselves. <>stream endobj Tourism marketing contributes to the growth of local and national economies worldwide. Volume 4, Issue 2, January 2019, Pages 20-23, DOI: 10.18775/jibrm.1849-8558.2015.42.3003 %PDF-1.4 Particular characteristics of its product are having an influence on the usage and effectiveness of traditional forms of marketing communication (advertising, exhibitions, etc.) Tourism marketing and Sustainable tourist destination Tourism is a significant component of the growing footprint (Truong & Hall, 2016:10), while tourism marketing is the application of marketing concept in travel and tourism industry (Ketter & McMillan, 2016:177) as it uses the four Ps, product, price, place and promotion in advertising Give it a try, you can unsubscribe anytime. (Hays, Page,& Buhalis,2013). In any business, marketing strategy plays a key role in building a brand, alluring new customers and maintaining loyalty. The rest 17% go to real-time marketing. Generally, WOM raises new, surprising or different topics. Because of the increasing competitiveness in the field of tourism the role of marketing communication as a primary tool of telling others that “, we are here,” no matter if it is the provider of tourism services, hospitality or holding sports or cultural events like Olympic games, musical festivals. Social media are gaining prominence as an element of destination marketing organization (DMO) marketing strategy at a time when public sector cuts in their funding require them to seek higher value in the way marketing budgets are spent. Social media represents a variety of forms such as social networks (e.g., Facebook), photo sharing sites (e.g., Flickr, Photobucket), video creating and sharing sites (e.g., YouTube, Ustream), online communities, microblogging tools (e.g., Twitter), social tagging (e.g., Digg), newsreaders (Google Reader), public Internet boards and forums, review/rating websites (e.g., TripAdvisor), blogs/moblogs, tagging sites, podcasting, wikis, and individual websites. The size was 450 of the respondents, of which 195 were women, 205 men. This fact could limit the selected tool of marketing communication because that one must respect the character of the tourism destination. Social media itself is a catch-all term for sites that may provide radically different social actions. could be limiting for using some modern tools of marketing communication. In fact, one-fifth of all global jobs created over the past decade have been within the travel sector. This situation has changed a lot in the last years when new destination has appeared, that is why for many traditional massive tourist destinations the goal of catching new visitors is more and more difficult. For further analysis and to reach the aim of the present paper is needed to define some of the tools as mentioned above. Nearly 10 percent of all jobs are supported by this industry. The quota selection has been applied. On the other hand Social media marketing seems to be the best way for mass tourism destination to communicate with potential visitors. The advent of internet-based social media technologies has enabled travelers to quickly and conveniently share their travel experiences. (2013). 45 % of respondents are considering this type of marketing communication as very useful having a significant influence on their decision making. The base of tourism destination, besides its attractiveness, is providing tourism services and the peculiar characteristics of services like intangibility, immateriality, etc. Hennig-Thurau, T., Gwinner, K. P., Walsh, G., & Gremler, D. D. (2004). Real-time marketing (RTM) In many cases this means that they are marketing services rather than goods, and success hinges on creating the right feeling in the consumer. Social media is one of the fastest growing communication technologies in the Internet environment. <> The more people visit a … These tools of marketing communication were chosen because respondents most frequently mentioned them in primary research. With the view of confirming the hypothesis, diagnostic mission methods have been used along with the vertical analysis of selected indicators, as well as the primary research method – the questionnaire survey was conducted among respondents. Real-Time Marketing is marketing that is based on up to date events. The world of mouth marketing and its usage in the area of tourism could be relatively counterproductive due to the characteristics of services they are offering, when some clients are having feeling that their vacations did not met their expectations. less important countries in terms of tourism related activities. One of the solutions to the problems mentioned above could be the use of the most appropriate tool of modern marketing communication. endstream The author will pay attention to World of mouth, QR codes, Real-time marketing the main attention will be paid to social media marketing. (2014). Source: BUTLER, 2006. Not only the number of tourists but also tourist destination increased. QR codes (QRC) (Kang & Schuett, 2013). endobj The results of survey confirm that some tools with big expectations in the past like QR code is not used very frequently. in the presentation of mass tourism destination and on the other hand the possible preference of using new modern trends and tools of marketing communication. Being on vacations Be the first to get latest updates and exclusive content straight to your email inbox. To create the following paper, the method of the literature searches and expert articles have been applied. The article deals with just a few of all modern marketing tools, for better evaluation of its effectiveness further survey dedicated to other modern marketing tools is required. The results of the survey confirm that some tools with big expectations in the past like QR code are not used very frequently. Abstract: Mass tourism is a significant contributor to the development not only of regional but also national economies and generally, it is presented by tourism destination. endobj endobj Hays, S., Page, S. J., & Buhalis, D. (2013). Economic and social aspects from social media’s implementation as a strategic innovative marketing tool in the tourism industry. endobj The second group with QR codes, Micromarketing, HR branding is going to disappear, and their use will go down. This fact it´s not often the fault of destination management. Searching destination of vacation