Jun … The green bank is dedicated to using the looper within the HX Stomp. This is a small Arduino based two button MIDI foot switch for the Helix HX Stomp. The HX Stomp has L/R Inputs, L/R Outputs (balanced or unbalanced), L/R Return/Aux In, ¼" Stereo Send, Headphones Out and USB Type B (the HX Stomp is also a multichannel high quality 24-bit/96kHz audio interface, we’ll touch more on this later). Short Press Button A - toggles between record and overdub; Short Press Button B - stops the active loop. The unit crams in over 140 unique amps and effects, as well as a built-in looper, all the tech us guitarists crave.There’s also has a dedicated mode for bass guitar, so it covers many, er, basses… You would lose stereo on the stomp, but if you are using the timeline and big sky for delay/verb that might not really be a big deal. I’m pretty sure the new GT-1000CORE from Boss is a direct answer to the Line 6 HX Stomp.I think it will take a huge slice of that market thanks to its many built-in features. If you wanna get back to that page instead of the home page, I have the Jump Home button set to return to “last page used“ if you long press. Remember, in order to use the looper features you must have one of the blocks assigned to the "Looper" within the Stomp. It can do 60 seconds max in mono, 30 seconds in stereo. MIDI Muppet HX. -I wouldn’t call the looper an afterthought, it’s just not as good as a full fledged looper. Snapshots Each of the three snapshots in HX Stomp stores and recalls the state of certain ele- ments in the current preset, including: Effect Bypass—The bypass (on/off) state of all processing blocks (The bypass • state of the 1 Switch Looper is not stored/recalled via snapshot) In Play view, a small camera icon appears in the upper right corner of the screen. Messages 283. I cant find a way to control he looper via an external Footswitch. Q2) Or is there a way to ue just one for the stereo out and in for the external FX. Its Parameter Control—The values of any … All of the buttons listed below are pre-programmed and cannot be user assignable. There is a ¼” Expression Pedal Input (with a split Y cable you can connect up to 2 expression pedals) that also allows you to plug in aux switches for … Since I have the looper record button on the top right of each bank, you can jump from say the HX Stomp favorite page to the HX looper page. Reactions: Bunter and reverendmaynard. Consider running Mobius -> Timeline -> Big sky with the hx stomp in the Mobius pre/post loop. Im a new owner of the HX Stomp and spend plenty of time during the weekend to fine tune my presets, explore HX Stomp features, and have it set up for studio and live use. It is more flexible and more powerful than the "normal" foot switches connected via TRS cable and as a bonus you can still use an expression pedal hooked up to your HX Stomp. Reactions: … The MIDI Muppet HX can. Boss GT-1000CORE. If you press the record … For anyone with basic looper needs, the HX Stomp looper works fine. reverendmaynard Member. So questions Q1) Do I HAVE to use up two blocks to do that, ie one for loop out and one for loop in? You could get strymon modulation either before or after the HX dirt and amp that way without using a block and have stereo out of the timeline through the big sky. guitar --> compressor --> hx stomp (compressor, chorus) --> external stero delay --> external stereo reverb --> hx stomp (amp/cab blocks) --> audio interface. Last edited: Jun 23, 2020. scroll up/down through presets (scroll mode) Everything is perfect except for the looper.