RICE stands for recurrent ankle and referred popular among us who like to admit defeat and … Then hang a sign over your bedroom door with your … If you are interested in a softer compression, we would recommend wearing one rather than a proper ankle … Should you sleep with a compression bandage on your ankle? The sympathy from friend may be great for the first two days but when you cannot do much for yourself, in the short term, while they are having fun, the novelty will wear off, then and only then will you consider the mistake that you made, when you thought up the idea of, how to sprain your ankle … Obviously, keeping your ankle elevated above heart height isn’t always possible: but when you do lie down, just stick a few pillows beneath your foot and keep that ankle high. Now, to answer the question about wrapping a sprained ankle overnight, … If you want a solid answer, it would be a no. Keeping a pillow or cushion under your foot allows you to elevate the injured joint above your heart - another way to help you heal. The compression bandage is meant to move excess fluid away from the affected area, which also … Book a return ticket for me from Delhi, India, to wherever you are. Msg me your address, and keep the key to your home somewhere I can find it. How To Sprain Your Ankle While Sleeping An ankle is sprained there could be treated first treatment.