Once you’ve chosen one, hold the mouthpiece button or gently shake the vape to set it: Before going ahead and using your Pax 3 for the first time, we would suggest having a burnoff session. This will ensure the most consistent overall heating of your material. Trust me, you’ll thank me later when you still have flowers left at the end of the day. PAX 2/3 Half Pack Oven Lid $13.00. The Apple M1 chip is smoking fast, showing how far Intel’s processing lead has fallen, Surprise, surprise, Snapchat is releasing its own TikTok-like feature called Spotlight, Google is adding a bunch of stuff to Google Pay to make it a full-blown money app, Benefits of a vape device over cigarettes, SMOORE, VAPORESSO’s parent, brought the first vaping billionaires after listing, Everything to know about the Viggo Series pod vape system launched by Vaper Empire, The Arizer Extreme Q, the desktop piece for any beginner. The Pax 3 is an intuitive portable vape that can do all kinds of amazing things to make your vaping session extraordinary, but it can’t expect us to be just as intuitive. Unlike the original one, however, this newer version is pretty subpar, to be honest. The Pax 3’s conductive heating element means you shouldn’t have to stir your material mid-session, so you should be left with a smooth, uninterrupted vape. We would suggest taking shorter, lighter puffs for the best vapor quality and overall results. You can use the lid, or the PAX multi-tool, to firmly tamp down the oven's contents. A tight pack will help the heat spread throughout the bowl of your PAX 3. So why not just let a nug sit out for a few minutes before grinding it, let it marinate in that sweet O2. The LED display petals will turn off to indicate this, but if for whatever reason you forget, the vape will automatically shut off after 3 consecutive minutes of not being used. by Once you’ve had your ultimate vaping experience, simply turn the Pax 3 off by again holding down the mouthpiece button. [ Shop Now ], Sign up to get the latest on sales, new releases and more, Black Friday & Cyber Monday Vape Deals: 2020 Roundup, Boundless Terp Pen XL Cleaning Guide & Tips, DaVinci IQ2 Cleaning and Maintenance Guide, Order ships from our warehouses in Canada - no delays at customs. However, it’s likely that you’ll be using it by yourself most of the time, in which case you likely won’t be using as much herb as you would in a group setting. Take your material and pack it quite tightly into the oven - you can use the packing tool from the Deluxe Kit - and level your material to the ledge of the oven. Turning your regular 3 or 4 piece grinder upside down can also offer a finer grind. Just upgraded from an original PAX to the PAX3, although I haven’t used the consentrate insert yet, I was quite impressed by this unit. If you're using a 2 piece grinder, just give your material some extra time to ensure the right consistency. One of the Pax 3’s secret weapons when it comes to being super sleek but also super fun and functional is by storing a bunch of extra fun things in it’s App rather than clogging up the mechanics of the vape itself. You may be packing simply too much for what you can consume in one session. Place your screen (which is now in a U shape) with the open ends facing upwards on top of the bud that you have put inside of the oven, and make sure you can still close the lid. The guide suggests going about it this way: The reason we are going through all these steps is that the screen itself is a bit springy and flexible, and by putting it in the position which we have indicated you will create an even and consistent pressure on the product inside the oven. Our small collection of tips and tricks will help you get the most out of your PAX 3 vaporizer. I use the half-pack lid when vaping by myself. The statements and devices shown on this website have not been evaluated by the US Food and Drug Administration, How to use the Pax 3: Foolproof Quickstart Instructions, 3227 MEADE AVE STE 2B LAS VEGAS, NV 89102, USA, Pax 3 has four initial temperature settings, Half-Pack lid, which is unique to the Pax 3, DynaVap Colored M Series - The Newest Vape, Black Friday & Cyber Monday Vaporizer Sale, How to Get High Twice: Baking With Vaped Weed (and More), The New PAX 3 Colors: Everything You Need to Know. Let the oven heat entirely and then let it burn for about 5 minutes or until any unwanted smells dissipate. To achieve this it's best to use a grinder that has very strong teeth - that way you can finely grind the herb to the perfect consistency before packing it into your device. The Pax 3 also loves your flower to be as dry as possible. That being said, the best way to do this is to start your session at the lowest setting and slowly work your way up to the higher setting, indicated by the four lights on the unit. Those nice illuminated petals will turn violet and flow upwards as the temperature increases, and then turn green when the vaping temperature has been reached (this shouldn’t take more than 30 seconds or so). If you’re looking for the best Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals on the web, look no further. Let’s ease you in by explaining the (very simple) step-by-step instructions for using the Pax 3. Just grab your Pax 3 Concentrates Insert and your concentrates, of course. Pax and related products are only available for purchase in the US and Canada at this time. All you need to do to get started is download the app, enable the Bluetooth on your phone, and open the app once the device vibrates and the app appears on your home screen! If you’re keen to use the Pax 3 with concentrates, it’s super easy to do as well. Caution: Never pack the oven while PAX is powered on, or while the oven is hot or cooling Always wait at least 10 minutes between uses to re-pack the oven For starters, the Pax 3 oven works best with fine ground herbs. Most vaporizers are going to require so kind of cleaning to keep them working like a finely oiled machine and the Pax 3 is no different.