mutual interests and social standing should be chosen to go together if at all church. Bill Bright of Campus Crusade has coined this simple definition of successful witnessing “Successful witnessing is sharing Christ in the power of the Spirit and leaving the results to God.” Do Not Have More Than Two Visitation Programs Each Week. Larry L. Lewis. Some will say, “Shepherds aren’t supposed to produce sheep; sheep produce sheep. The truth is, only a few out for visitation will do more good than many out for nearly anything else going on. People forget easily. efforts. If the church has visitation on a week night (and most visiting churches do), it is important that the visitation services be conducted properly. Of course, there are many approaches to visitation equally as effective: Deacon visitation, Training Union visitation, Fishermen’s Clubs for men, and many others. of the previous visit. Any helpful information should be written on the back of there is one good prospect in each group of cards, thereby assuring each visitor The ladies come on Thursday morning This, then, is what your church – and you, Pastor – should be doing. 1. The group's purpose might be to encourage others who are going through a difficult time; or it might be for such practical purposes as assisting someone who is sick, or to promote special events at the church. program. 5. 55:11). We have prospect cards available here at the church, and the visitors come by at their convenience.”, “Now for the $64-question,” Dr. Roberson continued. tracts, and other items which can be used successfully in the visitation Sheep will never go anywhere the shepherd doesn’t lead them. Monday is a good day to go visiting, but it is so far from the next everyone in the family. At the completion of the training period, the trainee becomes a trainer in the reproductive evangelism program. Thursday Is Often the Best Day for Visitation. visitation the biggest thing-make soul winning the most important thing in your to see you, Joe," means something to people. Did you ever go to the bank and find the president running the mimeograph machine? There are many visitation card files you may use. Hence, we have practically doubled our After all, someone has to meet with the flower committee, get the church bus inspected, mimeograph the church bulletin, and take Sunday’s deposits to the bank. Another idea in getting folks to visit is to have folks who already come to have only one card for each family in our prospect files, rather than having one Tags: outreach, Outreach Ministry, How to Organize an Effective Visitation Program 1. As he goes through the file, he should pick out the ones whom he 8. Possibly, you will want to plan refreshments or even a weekly luncheon for this group of faithful visitors. When a spiritually lost person, regardless of age, is persuaded to come to church, a great victory has been won already. Workers from a different beginner or primary department are in Lee Roberson, the Chattanooga pastor mentioned in chapter 2, was asked to come to a large, but dying church for a workers’ rally. Could this be the reason baptisms are down, Sunday school enrollments and attendance are decreasing and Southern Baptists are reporting a decline in nearly every area? Certainly it is. family will get five visits and four families will go unvisited. It also helps to keep the church can rejoice with those who are rejoicing, and lament with those who are Many churches are occupied with such varied activities that soul winning is Again, it is important to provide child care for babies and children. The self -centered visit. “If you shall ask anything in My name, I will do it” (John 14:14). Here are some approaches used successfully by many churches. Reproductive evangelism sessions can be held in the mornings or afternoons for ladies, in the evenings for men, or on Saturdays or even Sundays. Did He Himself set the example? experienced visitor with each new person who comes, that will be an 12. The visitation program should be the largest thing in It is good to separate the card file and set it up by town sections. That’s why we don’t have visitation at all in my church. pastors. However, I would suggest Monday 2. “Enlistment Evangelism” has been and probably will continue to be the most popular and fruitful means of reaching people for Christ and for meaningful church membership. files up by families rather than by age group. For the next term, and thereafter, each trainer seeks to enlist at least one trainee. 7. a blessing. This selection may be done tactfully and carefully. “Tell me about your visitation program,” Dr. Roberson asked. For a church’s visitation program to be successful, it must he organized and scheduled. The best prospects are those who have At a recent state evangelistic conference, a speaker asked those present (mostly pastors) how many had spent at least one hour the previous week talking to someone about the Lord. Second, it is near special time of fellowship and Bible study. We, therefore, If the which has been given them. encouragement, as well as instruction to the new visitor. Go Two by Two. efficiency by providing a place for each member of the family on Thursday Among growing churches, fifty-eight percent have a regular evangelism training program and seventy-five percent have weekly visitation. More Life Have a Card File. By having not more than two visitation pro­grams each week,... 3. Why not have an evening each week for youth visitation? Before you can win someone to Jesus, you must first win him to yourself. been the most effective method for us. week. but major entirely on the soul winning and visitation itself. morning and Thursday night. For example, if there are five Hardly anybody will come.”, “Well,” said his pastor friend, “poor as it is, I like the way we do it better than the way you don’t do it!”. Have a Short Service Before You Go. We have our youth choir on Thursday night, which takes care of the Jesus made our call very clear when it comes to evangelism. When the disciples returned, after having been sent out two-by-two, they happily exclaimed: “Lord, even the demons submit to us in Your name” (Luke 10:17, NIV). Hire a sitter. pastor. Although much good can result from the self-centered and church-centered visits, these are not the highest levels or finest types of visitations. The NAME and ADDRESS' of the prospect are... 2. Or perhaps Saturday morning might work better. 1. to be visited. Reproductive evangelism. 3. Edge draws a distinction between “the work of the church” and “church work” (Broadman Press, p.78). 8 The Plan It is essential that the Pastor/s, church leadership and the congregation give their blessing for a lay Visitation … The pastor, or someone designated by the pastor to oversee the program, can organize the visitation program. Why not the pastor? Visitation Committee – Leaders Worksheet . for each member of the family, set up by Sunday school age groups.. 9. You know that I have not hesitated to preach anything that would be helpful to you but have taught you publicly and from house to house” (Acts 20:18, 20, NIV). The Pastor Should Meet the People as They Come. visitation regularly solicit someone who does not come, previous to the lamenting, en­courage those who have not had good visits and thank them from the