3 tips to prevent red mites on chickens and birds. I have also a problem about this Red Mite Infestation, and I think the information and guide that I have read in this post are effective so I will try it at home. I am not really sure these are red mites/lice from the poultry. Many showers later and some on me, my daughter, dog and laptop screen I have dismantled the coop as I have an old rabbit hutch where the chucks have gone. Strip the house down as much as you can. I tried power washing, then a 20% solution of Jeys followed by a red mite insecticide. Reading this useful page at 5 in the morning! which are now regrowing so this could account for their increased appetite possibly and maybe for the lack of eggs? Changed bedding. However, if the weather has been wet or you’ve seen obvious signs of mite activity in your flock, you’ll need to help your flock out by taking action yourself. I have sprayed with it once after poultry shield didn’t appear to work. They may not come back into lay afterwards (it depends on their breed / no of eggs they lay per year). I think i read that they can lay dormant without feeding for 8 months!!! It’s certainly easy to get it under control, do don’t worry. Sorry, I just noticed your comment, I’m a little late in replying I know… I have never tried filling the cracks / holes because: 1. When I took it apart they were everywhere like grains of moving sand. I then scrubbed the coup with Jeyes liquid and ‘scattered’ Diatom powder around the perches and laying boxes only to find that the little buggers were back within a day or two. Very concerned. Does anyone have a certain cure for them? As of today no more bugs!! I am having a difficult time getting rid of them particularly from the pair of trousers i was wearing. To the best of your abilities, you should keep your chickens and their home away from wild animals. We’ve only had chickens for a year and this is the first time i’ve ever seen them so i wasn’t really prepared, is there anything i can use quickly and at hand as the weathers bad so i can’t use a pressure washer? I would order some poultry shield and diatom – then spray the infestation with a garden / greenhouse hand sprayer and rub diatom on the perches for now. Many thanks. Having spent all yesterday hosing down the house and after five attempts thought I had broken the back of it, until today where I find the same number crawling around the hut inside and out. I had an infestation several years ago on a medium size chicken coop and had to power wash it 4 times just to get to the point that I felt I had uncovered all of the mites. When you have finished it will be white and smooth, like a gymnasts bar. We seem to have an infestation…however, they are in a coop that cost $2,000 to build. Incorrect diet (for example, a diet with insufficient protein or over feeding), lack of calcium or grit. I will never fail to spot them again. Help! Having painted into all the cracks mite emerged and died within a couple of minutes – was surprised how many there were! I have spread builders lime on the ground around my henhouse as I was finding the evil mites were on me as I walked to the hen house! As for the cost – If you do it well, it can get rid of them in a few weeks. You can check the latest price and information for this Diatomaceous earth on Amazon here. The spray will bounce back and soak you at times so wear old clothes and be ready to get wet and potentially covered in some mites, Urrhh. Just wish to say thanks for all your advice. The best way to get rid of them is to wash your clothes and shower after being in the chicken house. I even put petroleum jelly on my feet and legs tonight when I put food in the coop and still got mites on my legs. I hope this article has helped you better understand what red mites are and how to spot them. they do need draught free accomodation but remember they fluff up their feathers to trap air which is an excellent insulator. I would be really interested to know if the red mite can survive in your home as i think i’ve become paranoid that they can, after finding 1 crawling across the page of my latest copy of poultry magazine…how appropriate, whilst i was reading it in bed the other night!!! How to Get Rid of Red Mites in a Chicken Coop It’s going to take more work to rid the coop of mites than your chickens, but you can’t do one without the other. I will keep on top of the worming too as this is something I haven’t done properly. If they don’t like it, they will huddle by the door or not go out for long. The chickens had been refusing to go in the coop and now lay outside only. Now the weather is cooling, they will go dormant so be wary next summer when it warms up again as even a small clump of mites will become thousands in a week! I’m in Ireland by the way. There are a few red mite treatments made from various chemicals and compounds. I hope this helps. I usually shower and put my clothes on a hot wash to kill the mites. go to your wholesalers and buy a gallon of white vinegar buy a pump action pressure sprayer about £7.00 and spray the lot.soakthe place under perches in cracks seemsto work and is cheap about £3.00. A few days later they will dry up and die but you must keep up the treatment, every night or two. They get a small handful of corn late in the afternoon too. Was wondering if a good frost or the well below freezing temps of winter will kill some of the mites? Will they be crawling all over my goats.. also I have geese… will they have them too. To make sure of this, measure your chicken and the tub or lay your chicken inside the tub to see for yourself. Help! I have from time to time found the odd 1 or 2 on a bird but it is a rare occurance. It WAS blood. As long as you’re using food grade DE as I’ve listed below from Amazon, it’s perfectly safe to use around your chickens. Diatom does work on Lice – but they will avoid it and it does (like most ‘organic’ treatments) take time to work. What a job. It is never easy and people battle with these things for weeks on end. Do red mites live in very cold climates. Thanks to everyone for their help and advice. Steam also sterilises and drys out straight away ,but be careful as you can’t see steam and the wood stays very hot for 20 seconds . Is this enough? I must say the farmers creosote did reduce them dramaticly, but are still evident. As with most of the products, Poultry Shield included, you need to get the mites covered and there will always be some hiding away. A great sunday morning!! Check the cages regularly for signs of mites. Related content – Can chickens eat lavender and the other benefits of using this herb. just found out how hard it is to get rid of these mights, cleaned the whole coop out, replaced the roof, a week late i find a little nest of them, time to get the pressure washer out! Just about every poultry keeper gets red mite and very few end up with a problem elsewhere. I have to though, personally I find Diatomaceous Earth to be the easiest to use and most effective treatment. unfortunately my dog was havin a good sniff in the nest boxes at the same time and now has the horrble critters on her! Another thing to remember is eggs will hatch after a week – so new (very small) red mites will be present for a while. I always strip off and shower, washing my clothes if I get them on me. hi i have hear ivermectin is good for chickens, as its an easy drop on the back of the neck and treats red mites fleas and worms in one go, can anyone advise on this and if you can eat the eggs during application. My question is… can you still consume the eggs if Sevin 5% is used? Thank you for all the useful info. Reading all the comments here is really worrying. The birds need regular dusting. We have since burnt the coop and had to burn most of the lawn ( which appears to have killed them). Northampton & District Poultry Club Spring Show 2016. Anyway I have noticed an increase in the amount of feathers in the bedding and what looks like little flakes of the feather shaft on the floor of the house when I’m cleaning out. Wild birds are the usual culprets – they can often be found near nests. Part their feathers and look for mites close to their skin too. Thanks Tim, it’s so helpful being able to get some specific feedback….and maybe someone else is asking similar questions so it may help them too! You will find lots more information in my Ultimate Red Mite guide. Think I am going to buy a new coop, burn the old one and start again, hopefully if I keep treating the new one even without mites in it, they won’t be tempted. The walls are literally crawling with them, will I ever get rid of them? Many Thanks Hi Have lost 3 hens to the mites even though have used tons of diatom and thoroughly cleaned the coupe and used a torch all over inside and out, and put garlic in their water, even dusted all with the diatom.