There are also four-minute intervals between classes to allow students the time to actually walk all the way across the building to get to their next class. Lockdowns: Putting all the kids in one spot so the killer doesn't have to work as hard. I’m glad you shared with #SocialButterflySunday. There is a lot of time wasted in public school, and this is not only my belief. The 180-day school year remains the norm for public schools, with only 17 percent of them adding three to six more days a year. I spent about two hours every night on chemistry homework, and was getting nothing from class. This was also not a critique on educators, but on the government school system as a whole, a system that came into being relatively recently to create competent factory workers. But a new report from the Network for Public Education charges that roughly $1 billion of that has been lost to fraud and waste in the charter school sector. If you can’t feel good about your decision to homeschool without needing to rip on other forms of education maybe you aren’t doing the best job. Now you have homeroom teachers reading Harry Potter to your kids just for fun. . After 8 weeks I begged my mother to come back to Home School for the very reason that I was wasting my time! That may sound far-fetched. Following up on a tip from a former public school teacher about the frequent occurrence of substitutes I discovered the following statistics. Life is too short to waste eight hours a day for five days every week…sitting in a classroom and getting fed what little the teachers are feeding them. Do you really want your child having undivided instruction time for a solid eight hours? You can find ways to get decent grades without doing homework or putting in much effort. I'm Reagan, the second eldest of the Ramm Children, and husband to Haley Ramm. I will also critique any person who tries to convince me the Earth is flat. In a five-day week, that's more than an hour of wasted time.'' We waste too much … It’s because the system is so inefficient, and wasteful. I still managed to graduate a year early! The teachers in the public universities (particularly the University of Texas at Arlington) were horrifically rude toward anyone who didn’t agree with them. Also, what should be noted is that there was much that was not factored into my estimation. Parental involvement in the public schools is MUCH greater today than in the 70’s. I think explaining to your kids the witchcraft is simply fiction and it is there to make it look cool and add entertainment. I also attended college at Ohio State, and you are definitely right that a lot of the Freshman classes are pretty pathetic. I then Home Schooled for a year before beginning my Freshman year in public schools. How To Format A Great-Looking Instagram Profile Like The Pros, The Absolute Fastest Way To Start Generating Leads Online, Playing free online computer games (in my day “Crush the Castle” and “Run 'N Gun” were all the rage), Texting and/or doing whatever it is people do on their smart phones. I’m also not counting the days completely lost to substitute teaching. Homerooms are roughly 15 minutes long. The time spent in school is not time wasted, or at least it’s not supposed to be. Required fields are marked *. Wow! What Mr. Green must not realize (maybe because he went to a private boarding school, not a public institution) is that public education is a very poor means and environment for acquiring a solid education. I also acknowledge that in the post that results will vary. It is not necessarily true that the more time spent doing something the better you become at something. It is perfect practice that makes perfect, and our public schools are rarely providing the kind of effective practice that students need to improve. Prepping for school, waiting for the bus, riding the bus, and arriving early at school adds at the very least an additional hour to your time in the public school system. I think us Homeschool Moms always have that guilt of our kids don’t do as much as public school kids. Since there were 8 periods, that means there were 7 breaks. Part 2 described the wasteful nature of electives. The result? I have experience with both, and I have to say in general, homeschooling is better. There are much more efficient and cost effective alternatives. Most of my learning occurred outside of class, doing homework or studying the textbooks on my own. We must also forsake the idea that time and learning are directly related. are all for high schoolers. But it is not real. This subtraction combined with homeroom leaves us short another full hour, bringing our remaining 6 hour total now down to 5. I'm also not counting the times where a teacher would have to have a conversation with a student, “out in the hall,” when the rest of us would just have to sit and twiddle our thumbs in the awkward silence. I got an “A-” in the class, but only a 2 out of 5 on the AP test, which means I didn't get college credit, which was the whole point of the class. I'm not going to juxtapose these two different modes of education in this post; however, I will give an account of my experience in the public schools in regards to how and where time is spent to illustrate just how much time is wasted in our government-provided education institutions. Have you ever wondered how much time you spend on LoL ? If you found this valuable, please share! One would think that an “A-” in the AP class would correlate to passing the exam. So much time was wasted. You are exactly right! Many homeschooling parents get the feeling that they aren’t doing enough. You would be hard-pressed to find better schools in the country. . Many times I questioned myself about what the point of even having a teacher was if you just had to learn everything on your own, anyway. Chem Guy: one of the greatest men of our time, fo sho! But it’s all a personal choice. The second period of the class was just for us to work on homework. “Are we doing as much as the public schooled kids are doing???”. With this post, I decided I wanted to add up the time spent in school each day, and subtract from that total all the time wasted in order to come up with a rough estimate for the actual amount of time spent being instructed. I think that is pretty good! For seven hours a day, five days a week and roughly 288 weeks of our lives, we learn and relearn different versions of the same four classes. I definitely agree with you that 8 straight hours of education is not a good idea. An average player has spent 832 hours on League of Legends and 8.468.557 players took the test. How much time is wasted in our public schools indoctrinating our kids to the global warming scam? I am sure most adults waste a lot of time during their day. They are reading the text book and figuring the problems out on their own. If you're a homeschooler, I hope this series has equipped you with a better understanding of the reality of the public school system, and provided you with more ammunition to fearlessly articulate the superiority of home education. They could do better. I also want to say that I myself will be teaching a class in a more public-school-like classroom setting, so I don’t think there is anything wrong with being a teacher at a public school. Interesting perspective. Indeed, I’ve had some subs that didn’t even know anything about the subject they had to teach. Staff and administration should be educated on how making small changes to make their curriculum paperless can make a big difference in reducing paper waste and increasing efficiency. They may not have taken the time to actually add everything up, but the majority of people will at least have the vague idea that, “yeah, a lot of time is wasted,” but most students, and even most teachers are okay with this. I recently saw this quote from the writer and Youtube celebrity, John Green: “Let me explain why I like to pay taxes for schools even though I don’t personally have a kid in school: I don’t like living in a country with a bunch of stupid people.”. After all, the alternative to wasting time is actually doing hard work, or pointless busy-work, which isn't fun. And you ? (It’s funny, in my life, the most hated and oppressed I ever felt was by the actual teachers who were trying to open my eyes to how hateful and oppressive the rest of the world was toward me..) Interesting isn’t it? I also have another child who is currently in high school and will graduate with 8 college classes already finished. Instead, we just took turns copying the answers to the homework out of his answer book—which he let us do—then we talked the rest of the class, or worked on homework from other classes. Switched to private school for 3 years. In part 3, we will be moving on into the core classes. I think you have misunderstood the purpose of my series. You have falsely drawn the conclusion that because one disagrees with one method, they must be insecure about the method they do support. (Mostly the book though). That's pretty darn good, right? Nearly 5 hours are wasted. What he is really arguing for is education, not public school. I actually wrote an article about one of these sessions: I'll just assume that these four minute breaks between classes were always four minutes.