When the elevator stops, Song-hwa tells the other doctors to ride the next one, and continues comforting the daughter in silence. He's portrayed as the strict but passionate senior doctor here - they even managed to work in calling the social services office which is definitely part of a doctors' job but not in the way that some dramas put it where the doctor actually runs around getting the funds. Literally. Song-hwa takes care of a patient and notices the daughter from early looking over her own son who’s lying unconscious in the ICU. Your email address will not be published. Doesn't ths helmet itself prevents hair scalp germ? We didn’t know each other at all outside of having said hi in passing a long time ago. The number of people who recognize me on the street has also increased by a lot. What I appreciate most in this drama is their portrayal of the different personalities doctors may have. Dr. Bong arrives at the ER to find Dr. Kwon sitting in a bed and wearing a sling. I also enjoyed season 2, which had new surgical fellows in addition to the return of most of the supporting cast. ^^ Then we wouldn't get to see how he did a check-up on that teddy bear. However, when Jong-soo came over to his house, he merely stared at a flower tree and asked for one to give his wife. You have no idea how long I'd been waiting to read the beanie review for this show. I'm confused, is this part of the Reply series? I think the aftereffects will hit me all at once at the end of season two.” He also thanked viewers for enduring his experiment of airing only one episode a week. “Hospital Playlist” gained lots of praise for being a “healing” drama, of which Shin Won Ho thanked the cast for, especially the drama’s “’99ers” (Jo Jung Suk, Kim Dae Myung, Jung Kyung Ho, Yoo Yeon Seok, and Jeon Mi Do). Perhaps Ik-jun will wear the Darth Vader helmet sans Junior's crazy glue "greasy kid stuff" when the band practices. At least in Singapore (where I come from), scrubs are like the doctors' uniforms in the institution. Him. Even Jo Jung Suk had previously commented, “I didn’t know my love line would be with Song Hwa.”, Shin Won Ho explained, “There are some parts that are good to know beforehand, but I think there are some parts that are distracting. If the test confirms her doubts, it wouldn't take too long for her friends to realize what is wrong with her; after all, they are doctors too. While a good ensemble drama needs a capable writer and director, it’s all for naught if the cast isn’t right, and so far, I love everyone in their roles. QUIZ: Guess the TWICE song with only a screenshot! Unfazed, Rosa replies, “I taught him twenty years ago.” Meanwhile, Jong-soo is also on the phone with someone late into the night. Ask A Korean: Korean Funeral Tradition Their first practice song is “Lonely Night” by the band Boohwal, and Song-hwa frowns at the others for choosing this song. ;-). Being a South Korean drama , which is mainly famous for romantic genre, here it primarily focused on the hospital … hitType: 'event', We’re introduced to them in various ways, though the most interesting intro is when Chae has to find someone to do a liver transplant for a patient whose mother also has to deal with her mother’s brain tumor. She collapses to the floor, sobbing, and Song-hwa crouches down next to her. Once they leave her office, Song-hwa sighs since her heart feels heavy after delivering such somber news. Highly recommended. ;-). }); Next was DOUBTFUL VICTORY, but he didn't make an strong impression. You have saved my sanity. The daughter confesses to Song-hwa that she doesn’t want to live anymore and laments her unfortunate fate. Hospital Playlist is a South Korean television series. At first, it feels hectic with only small mentions of how everyone is connected, but once Ik-joon appears, the group slowly mingles together and becomes one. But then, after we’ve spent almost an hour getting to know everyone, along with some of the people in their lives, all of a sudden they’re playing in a band! Jung-won is the sweetest and most patient doctor I’ve seen on tv, and the way he doesn’t look for recognition for his acts of kindness already have me rooting for him unconditionally. window.googletag.cmd.push(function() { But wants to spend more time with Mom and his friends. Th electricians arrive to fix the light, and Song-hwa advises the worker to shut off the breaker and wear some gloves lest he be electrocuted. This is especially the case for having one main character already having a child. I fell down the Kdrama rabbit hole in 2012-2013 while watching the time-travel sageuk DR. JIN on HULU. I totally enjoyed the introduction to the doctors, their history, and their work. Do 'Dash & Lily' Get Together In the End? I have Netflix and Amazon prime but realized, once I became addicted, that I needed more content. },false) Plus it's less intimidating than Darth Vader operating. (I can't get over how many actors I do recognize.) And is drinking Eggs normal?? }); The session they had towards the end? Our HP Squad and the production staff have been finally gearing up for the drama’s season 2! The cast is just stellar, although I admit I've got a huge bias for my bb Jung Kyung Ho. Love the realistic portrayal of Jung-won's yearly flip-flop on being a doctor, even after becoming a consultant he still feels disqualified to help patients when they die and I think that's the best kind of doctor - those that refuse to be jaded by patients' plights and some inevitable deaths. What's so funny about Andrea? The hospital director and the neurology head wonder if the chairman’s third son will be in charge of the hospital now, and in the chairman’s hospital room, Lawyer Pyun discusses the same thing with Rosa. The brother says “Just wait another year,” and we flash back multiple times to the same table, and Jeong-won saying yet again that he’s done being a doctor. A real one would be out of place, but a fake one would fit in nicely :), Like trying to exorcise a priest ghost they believe has been haunting Jeong Won and making him going for priesthood every single time and successfully making him such an emotional wreck? 10 Thanksgiving Episodes That Will Help You Get Through This Holiday, Here's Why Screech Isn't in Peacock's 'Saved by the Bell' Reboot, 'Run' Ending Explained: Sarah Paulson’s Hulu Movie Ends With Creepy Poetic Justice. Cue Song-hwa. 995, This story has been shared 972 times. In her office, Song-hwa watches the rain when Ik-joon stops by and invites her out to eat. At the beginning, Lee Ik Joon was not divorced and Chae Song Hwa had a boyfriend.