(We cannot say either that we are actually all South African people becoz our … Han(半) means half, as in half past the hour. English Translation. 半(はん han) means half, as in half past the hour. Ji(時) means "o'clock." An empire in decline . 4:40 – Yo Ji han (4 時半) 5:30 ~Go Ji han (5 時半) etc…. The term 'Wa' has meant Japan from old times, and is used in contradistinction to things from foreign countries such as Han (China) and Yo (Western Europe). Cha han (sounds exactly like it's spelled) To be more specific this is Chinese fried rice that is suited for Japanese tastes. In order to tell the time, it is important that you are able to count in Japanese. Most of these ethnics indeed travelled from the mainland Asia (currently China), coz Japan is a country on islands. It's half past three. So if someone asks you 今何時ですか the answer would be e.g. The Han dynasty has now governed China for 400 years. The name Han was derived from the name of the eponymous dynasty, which succeeded the short-lived Qin dynasty and is historically considered to be the first golden age of China's Imperial era due to the power and influence it projected over much of East Asia. 今5時半です (Ima go-ji han desu) – It’s half past five. 日本語 (Japanese) What time is it? There’s also an easy way to denote half hours in Japanese: with the suffix 半 (han), meaning “half”. The hours are quite simple, but you need to watch out for four, seven and nine. 三時四十五分です (san ji yonjūgo fun desu) It's four o'clock. 今何時ですか (ima nan ji desu ka?) At first you say the hours, then the minutes. Fun/pun(分)means "minutes." 2:22 or 2:45 or 5:12 etc… Well, for these, you will need to know how to count the numbers between 1 to 59 in Japanese… What does 班 (Han) mean in Japanese? For example: 2時30分 (niji sanjuppun – 2:30) can also be 2時半 (niji han – half past two). There is no special word for quarter hours. group. 四時です (yon ji desu) It's quarter past four. 三時半です (san ji han desu) It's quarter to four. 四時十五ふんです (yon ji jūgo fun desu) It's half past four. More meanings for 班 (Han) group noun: グループ, 群, 族, 集団, 組: section noun: セクション, 章, 節, 部分, 区間: party noun: パーティー, 党, 会, 宴会, 一行: Find more words! 4 o' clock. Forces are at work which are tearing its empire apart and will lead to the next phase of China’s history – one of weakness and division. So, “It’s 3:30.” will be “San ji han desu.” What about the time in between? The Yamato (99% of Japanese population) has its origins from Han, Korean, Tungus, Indochine, Malasian etcs. Pretty simple, just add “han” for half an hour.. Names. To tell the time is quite easy. What is happening in East Asia: China, Korea, Japan in 200CE. When used with other counters, such as 年 (nen) for years, han becomes equivalent to half a unit of that counter. ★ Instead of using 3時30分, you can also use 3時半 (sanji han). The Term of “Yamato” At the same time, the term 'Yamato' is also sometimes used (e.g. After mastering time, … If you are not sure at any point, you can always cross check your understanding with Yahoo’s online dictionary . To express the time, say the hours first, then the minutes, then add desu(です). Han means half, as in half past the hour. It will not do so for much longer. But we cannot simply say Japanese people are actually Han Chinese people. ★ 半 (han) means ‘half’ so 3時半 (sanji han) is like the English expression ‘half past three’ ★ Of course, the same rule goes for all of the hours.