In which River Tehri Dam (highest dam in India) is situated ? First Woman in the World. We have concludes World Current Affairs Questions and Answers from all the part of the world which includes World Sports GK, World Political Current Affairs, World Economics Affairs, … 14 What is the world’s second longest river? Dead Sea. List about who make it first in the world . Between Africa and Asia. importantgk November 4, 2015 general knowledge, world gk No Comments rivers of the world ,Lakes ,waterfalls, Islands list of the world rivers of the world & Origin :—- In which River Hirakud dam (longest dam in India) is situated ? Learn and practice General Knowledge questions and answers on World Geography with very easy and understandable explanations. GK questions are very helpful different type of competitive exams. Set of 20 MCQs on rivers of India. 17 Which is the world saltiest body? This post of World GK Questions are very important also related to GK Questions and Answers. Dam and rivers are expected gk questions in all Competitive exams 1. Today I am providing World GK Questions for Competitive Exams. ... GK Questions on Rivers of India Question 1. First in the World. River Thames. 1. Read From Below Most Important and Interesting World Current Affairs Questions and Answers 2020.These are all time up to date best World Current Affairs Questions and Answers of the Year 2020. Answer: Bhagirathi River (Uttarakhand) Lake Assal. Practice these questions again and again because these has been asks in every competitive exams repeatedly. Answer: Mahanadi (Odisha) 2. Topicwise Questions - Rivers. Here’s a blog of World GK Questions for Competitive Exams. Universe at a glance . Answer: Sutlej (Himachal Pradesh) 3. World GK Information and List. Our Universe, its planet and satellite..... World at a glance . 18 How many seas are there in the world? Seven (7) 19 Which country is Red Sea located? You can easily get 2-3 marks with the help of World GK Questions and answers for Competitive Exams. GK Questions : Rivers - Ancient Names, Disputes etc. Which river in India crosses the Tropic of Cancer twice? World and its facts and figures . Battle of Hydaspes between Alexander and King porous was fought on the banks of River Hydaspes which is now known as - List of first woman achiever in the World... Top agricultural producing countries in the World In which River Bhakranangal dam (largest dam in India) is situated ? 16 Which is the world’s deepest sea? 15 Which river has cleanest water in the world? Amazon.