What is the advantage of using chrome guitar strings? What are the two materials commonly first used for making guitar strings? However, guitarists can adjust saddle/string spacing and string height to their own personal preference. He was not in when I picked up the guitar so I couldn't ask him about it. You must release the tension of the strings before adjusting the bridge. Do not remove all the strings at once, as the bridge is held in the correct position only by the downward pressure of the strings. http://www.flickr.com/photos/raymck/2810664671/. I was not asked my preference, but the bridge was flush when I dropped it off. I ti... How does a guitar with just a bridge pickup compare with a g... Why does my A and D string break over my bridge. If the string is too close to the fretboard, stick the long end of an Allen wrench in the hole at the base of the guitar's headstock and turn the wrench counterclockwise. When did Paul Reed Smith guitars replace the 1 piece tremolo bridge with a 2 piece one? sorry if this has been asked before but I was wondering if this is even possible? These have always gone out of tune for me - esp. First, you may have to block the tremolo to get it level. Even if it costs a little bit extra, sometimes it's worth it, just to save you time, so you can start playing and enjoying it sooner! you read and agreed to the. He is currently working toward graduating with a B.A. can i fix this by losening the springs in the back? Restring the guitar, tune up and it will be as good as new! This will loosen the springs, allowing the bridge to raise from the string tension. Re-tune the guitar to see if the extra tension of the strings being in tune will pull the bridge back up and make it still "float." Adjust the "Truss Rod" of the guitar to alleviate any extra tension on the guitar's neck. Some guitar players prefer a floating bridge, as it allows them to manipulate the whammy bar in both directions instead of only forward. Sounds like you have a floating tremolo, which balances between the string tension and spring tension inside the guitar. Roughly how many guitar strings does Fender produce every day? Sounds like you have a floating tremolo, which balances between the string tension and spring tension inside the guitar. Stringfellow. If the pitch of the 12th-fret note is sharp relative to the pitch of the 12th-fret harmonic, lightly tap the foot of the bridge to move it back toward the tailpiece until both pitches agree. The position, height and saddle spacing of the floating Space-Control bridge are preset at the factory to standard Gretsch specifications. Or any ideas (besides buying a new guitar)? If bridge is lower, then with the back cover plate removed, adjust the screws for the springs OUT (only in small increments, like 1/4 or 1/2 turn at a time, so you don't strip out the threadholes). If you have turned the two large screws move than three or four complete rotations and the bridge still remains floating, you can purchase one or two extra springs and attach them next to the current springs in the guitar for added support on the bridge. Anthony King is a freelance writer and amateur filmmaker. Let us know, either way!, so is there a chance that the springs will break if i tighten them to much Note that the bridge does not have to be completely flush with the guitar's body, if up to 1/8 inch of the bridge floats, that is not a problem. To adjust floating bridge intonation on a guitar, first check the 12th-fret harmonic and the fretted 12th-fret tuning of both E strings (high and low). The truss rod is the metal rod that runs along the length of the guitar's neck to hold it straight. Does anyone know if the spacing on a jackson bridge is regul... Can I switch out my Floyd rose floating bridge, with a regular bridge?