Then her journey to bodybuilding saw no obstacle. So within the period of three years, the year came, which changed everything for McLish. At the age of 23, though, she decided to dedicate her life to bodybuilding and by 1993 found that she was a natural, winning four amateur contests and winning her professional card after winning the Ibero/Central American Championships. Despite her highly successful career, Rachel McLish did not stay too long as the bodybuilder. Larissa Reis. She announced to the world that she was HIV positive in a September 1994 issue of The Advocate magazine, and with the help of Hugh Hefner and Playboy helped create an AIDS-awareness campaign. Regardless of whether or not Chyna, whose real name was Joan Laurer, had a lot of accolades as a bodybuilder she still will forever be remembered as one of the most physically impressive women to walk the planet. So, let's just find out them. But also because using real names would be mean. Lisa Marie Varon like many women on this list made her living as a bodybuilder and female wrestler but what differentiates her from people like Nicole Bass or Chyna is that she had a lot more accolades in the world of bodybuilding and fitness competitions than she did in the ring (as it typically works the other way around). With a physique like hers, and beauty she possessed during those days, every modeling agency was ready to take her in. Knight loses a few points, though, because she has a controversial history as someone who has apparently circumvented the rules (which, to be fair, is more common than not in the world of bodybuilding, especially in the 80’s). Rachel McLish marked her name on whatever career she embarked on. She ended up putting on over 50 pounds of muscle during her peak and has been on a lot of fitness magazine covers for rags like Muscle & Fitness as well as Flex. Rachel McLish, after her graduation in 1977, went on to become a partner of Shape Center. The reason she is on this list at all, though, is that she overcame that bad press and got back on the right path, winning the Ms. International title in 1991 “without incident”. Nicole Bass was perhaps best known for her membership on the “Wack Pack”, a loose collective of interesting guests that appeared on The Howard Stern show back during its heyday (if by heyday you mean the days in which Stern was extremely politically incorrect). She retired not long after, but she had already proved her point, that she didn’t need to cheat to win in an era where everyone was cheating to win. Beyond that, she also had to return her prize money which totaled over $12,000, which is a lot of money now but was especially a lot of money in the 80’s, especially for female bodybuilders. From her school time ballet dancing to being the first Ms. Olympia champion, then a model and an actress, she is regarded as successful. Certainly, 1980 was one of the most productive years of her. A natural beauty, she grew up as a model and had dreams of becoming an actress. Also, please note that I didn’t include the women’s names. What's She Doing These Days? Thanks to her amazing career she’s won numerous accolades as well, like winning the NPC Nationals or receiving the LifeTime Achievement Award at Europa Dallas. For years, men have been drawn to taught, fit women. When most of us think of the process of inventing something new, the image of a... Have you ever really stopped and wondered about you’re favorite menu item when ordering at a... From popsicles to Pop-Tarts, everyone has a fave that they indulge in at the end of... Click Here to join our content program and start making money! Mostly because it’s mean. Hot and Spicy is always a good thing – especially with snacks. As Playmate of the Month in September of 1986, it seemed like the world was her oyster, however, things took a bad turn when she found out that she was HIV positive in 1988. Rachel never looked back after her win. Rachel McLish is also a model, actress and author.Source: BiographyPedia. Rachel McLish is also a model, actress, and author. Later, Rachel graduated from the University of Texas-Pan American, which now known as the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley. Born in 1956 in Kentucky, Pariso (who was born Betty Slade) was a natural athlete that grew up on a farm where she excelled playing sports in high school and attracted the attention of numerous track and field scouts at different colleges around the area. Rachel McLish now holds an impressive net worth of $19 million.Source: Old School Labs. Rachel, who was born on June 21, 1955, to father Rafael Elizondo and mother Raquel Elizondo, won her first bodybuilding championship at the age of 25. As an open lesbian, she’s also been a huge role model for people everywhere and considering that she contracted HIV in the 80’s is a definite success story from a time when there were so few. Beyond that, Pariso didn’t actually retire from professional bodybuilding until 2010, meaning that she was competing well into her 50’s but not only that, excelling as she ended up winning her second pro title in 2009 at the age of 53. To attain that mass she lifted tremendous amounts, with some of her best lifts coming in at over 315 lbs on the bench press and over half-a-ton (1,100 pounds) for multiple reps on the leg press back in the day before fake plates were even an option. She authored numbers book under the name and still continue to do the same. For years, men have been drawn to taught, fit women.