Tell people what makes you interesting and remarkable. This isn’t a huge component of a Facebook group introduction, but you do want to make sure you mention it since people are just learning about you for the first time. I’ll geek out getting so excited to help you with it! If you go about introducing yourself in the right way, you will get noticed right away. These can create an affinity with group members who have those things in common with you and can open up new conversations. Step 6: Add an interesting photoThis is big opportunity to begin the know-like-trust factor with the Facebook group members. Perhaps you have a photo of you with your family or with your pets or lifestyle-type shot in a glamorous dress that you love. And it all starts with your introduction. Now I have a little formula that works wonders and gets people really excited! You can start off with a killer introduction in my Facebook group: The Business Profit Engine. Smart marketing for service business owners, Last Updated on 07/20/2019 by Wendy Maynard. G’day mates (might work best if you are Australian). First, state in no more than one sentence what it is you do. And I’ll share it with you below. Below Members on the right, click Write Post. Say it in a memorable way. My homework for you is to write your Facebook group introduction down. I modify these slightly when I join a Facebook group, but it’s the same basic foundation. I have several variations on my introduction that I keep in an Evernote file. The reason I am so passionate about online marketing is because I’ve realized that the purpose of my life is to spread happiness through entrepreneurship (yes I believe that we can change the world!). Here is an example of this part of my intro if you would like to do something similar: Sometimes I put fun emojis instead of bullet points to grab people’s attention. What is she/he all about?”. Create a signature greeting for Facebook groups. By bringing the Facebook group host’s attention to you, you open up the possibilities for collaboration or a referral – you never know if they are looking for a partnership with someone who has your skills. When I first started joining Facebook groups, I had this same problem. You want them to know you recognize that they are part of the tribe. Using this offer to help, I actually get people to respond directly to my introduction with requests. They may also hire you or have clients who need what you have to offer and send you business and referrals in the future. It may seem silly at first, but using a signature greeting is actually quite powerful. Incorporate different photos. I started introducing myself and figuring out what people would really make people engage with me. If you have had those thoughts, I’m here to tell you that you are wrong. Here is how I position myself and offer to help group members: Feel free to ask me anything about online marketing, especially personal branding, social media, or getting more clients. I’ve heard some people say, “Oh what’s the point?” because they think that there are too many people in the group to get noticed. You want to attract attention, get remembered, and ultimately get leads. I would join and not provide an introduction to let people know who I am and what kind of business I run. You can also use a fun selfie – I have a really silly one giving a thumbs up. This will not only show the group host your appreciation for all of the hard work that has gone into building their community, but it will also bring attention to you. So, I changed my approach. This kicks off the relationship building right away and positions me as an authority. Step 4: Offer to help members of the Facebook group This is a crucial component of your remarkable introduction but it is an element that I notice most people miss (which is a huge mistake). Another thing you can add in this section (sometimes I do it and sometimes I don’t depending on the Facebook group vibe) is some fun personal facts about yourself. Everything you do is part of your brand.