Yes it is missing one of my biggest concerns about the game is the scale, islands like Lesbos and Chios shown in the latest gamescom footage are 60-80km in real life and a couple of hundred meters in the game. The Caribbean wasn’t accurate, entire London neighborhoods were relocated or removed. This could just be me being a pessimist and perhaps a butt-hurt classical historian but in a game committed to realism and accuracy it seems strange that the developers would essentially remove the central province of Ancient Greece. Ya it is pretty disappointing the map just looks squished together of bits and pieces of all of Greece, I was hoping to be able to visit my family's village which is in the northern part of the province of western Macedonia but it seems to be totally missing as well as the province of eastern Macedonia seems to be all gone. Autolykos is at the pier in Nauplia Harbor, in Argolis. Okay if your theory is correct and they left that out, Im gonna be pretty frustrated. As for Achilles,he was from Pthia which is in gulf of Volos and that part of the map is in the game (there are ruins with bandits in the spot where rl Pthia would be though for some reason it isn't called Pthia in game) .In general entire part of Greece north of Thermopylae in the game seems to have been assembled rather hastily and is quite empty almost like it was made as an afterthought. I get that they can't include everything, but I feel like the outline of the map should at least look right. Assassin's Creed Odyssey Guide and Walkthrough. Assassin’s Creed Odyssey features a number of collectibles which directly impact your gameplay. Assassin's Creed Odyssey Guide by Red Aroma - you will find it in the Leader's House (Domu Lidera). If they left them out, I would hope they have a really good reason for doing so. It consists of two smaller islands - Euboea and Skiros. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts,, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the assassinscreed community. 0. There are issues of the map being odd in areas to shove things in but do keep in mind that the coast of Greece has changed in 2000 years due to sedimentation. All logos and images are copyrighted by their respective owners. However, you can find one animal lair, a leader's home and enemy camps. AC Odyssey Throw The Dice Quest – Apollo’s Lyre & Pan’s Flute Locations Throw the Dice Quest treasure maps. Next World Atlas Malis Prev World Atlas Keos. The problem with most of these collectibles is that they are really hard to find, unless you purchase maps … For Odyssey I think they should have made a map close to 1000km^2 (the size of just cause 3) to feel right or the more realistic one cut some parts of Greece all together and add only the central part with athens and sparta and a few detailed islands. But left out Mount Olympus itself? They will add them later like they did to Thebes in Origins. However, looking at the map of AC Odyssey it looks like the entire Thessaly region isn't there. Copyright © 2000 - 2020 GRY-Online S.A. for, unofficial game guides, walkthroughs, secrets, game tips, maps & strategies for top games. Meh. 3. The recommended level of experience for this region is 38. I mean, they've created these massive colossal statues of titans and gods. When you talk to him, you can choose to either bargain or intimidate him – we chose the latter and it worked perfectly. Frankly I am not knowledgeable about it in any way to know about the specifics of battles and skirmishes. This happens in every AC game. However, there are no merchants or blacksmiths in either of them. I know you can't possible make a game with that huge of a map but most of the islands are way too small to have something interesting in them and way too close to one another. 4. On this page of our Assassin's Creed Odyssey game guide we have uploaded a map of Abantis Island. I look at this game as more of a fantasy game based in Greek mythology rather than a historical game. There are no temples or caves in Lokris. These include vantage points, enemy camps, villages and ports. The most revered place in Greece? 1. You need to complete a relatively short sub-quest he gives you. For news, discussion and more about Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed franchise. This may sound harsh but I say it as a trained historian as well: If you can’t suspend your disbelief for an AC game because of the map you need to take a chill pill. You can find two villages in Lokris - Alphonos and Opous. So I was looking at the map of AC Odyssey and trying to think about what cities and states will be in which region based on real-life maps and i realised that the world of Odyssey pretty much cuts out all of central Greece. The game offers the player a lot of freedom and a large open world based on ancient Greece, 431 BCE. 2. I find it Ironic that you think that a lot of people agree with your opinion but you expect your comment to get downvoted lol. He told us to get the maps from his home. Press J to jump to the feed. This is one of the largest islands available in the game. It seems like a big map with many places to explore and thats what I'm excited for. Most Islands look more like Carribean than Aegean while others look like mount Doom. Your character parkours up the worlds tallest buildings and jumps into a pile of hay with no issues, you aren’t playing a historically accurate game, Your character parkours up the worlds tallest buildings and jumps into a pile of hay. If we look at the map here: It looks like Attica, the Peloponnese, Makedonia and the main Agean islands are faithfully represented but outside of that it's a bit troubling at this cursory glance. 1. Thebes was an expansion of the map, here the place is betweeen other places they can't add them later unless it's on the border of the map. The map shows all the locations in the area that can be visited. Same thing with Aegean islands and Crete, they look nothing like the real thing. Yet it looks like it has been removed for whatever reason by the devs. I actually ended up here thru Google search because I was looking for Mount Olympus in the AC Odyssey and it is missing. Not only that but as you can see the weird tendril-like bays of Macedonia in the game are seen to be right next to the island of Euboea, the bone-shaped island right next to Attica marked 2 on the modern map, but in real life they were miles apart with islands and a massive coastline dividing them when the game makes it look like they're a hop skip and a jump apart. Also they wer allies of Athens in the war. I think if they hadn't cut off the northern half of Euboea it would have looked alright, but that part of the map just looks so off to me. For example in reality Crete is very green,forested and lush and there are snows on Mount Ida throughout most of the year. Interactive Map of all Assassin's Creed Odyssey locations. 1. Ainigmata Ostraka riddles and solutions, tombs and ancient steles, … Sorry, we've got no plans for mobile versions of this game guide. There is a romance option to be found in the region. On the one hand it's got to be an accurate portrayal of Greece but on the other it's got to be a videogame that can be developed and played in a reasonable amount of time, I'd rather it be an enjoyable game than it be a 100% accurate portrayal of Greece, Larissa and others area could be added through DLC later on. The map shows the locations you can visit. The following page of the Assassin's Creed Odyssey guide we have uploaded a map of the Lokris region. Post Comment. Or that the cities have accurate sizes? I dont have MUCH knowledge on the Peloponnesian war, but what i do know is that Larissa and Thesally were both big areas in the war. You can reach Lokris either by land or by sea. DLC maybe? I agree. It's a very small location bordering with Phocis and Boeotia. If we compare it with this real life map of greece here it looks like Thesally (labeled 11) has been completely removed with central and northern Greece smushed together to fill the gap. It's a very small location bordering with Phocis and Boeotia. However I do know that not only is Larissa the supposed birthplace of Achilles, which with the game's focus on the mythical elements he should at least be mentioned somewhere, and the site of Hippocrates's death, who we already know is in the game. Parts of it border with Phocis and Boeotia, and the rest with the surrounding water. There is only one ainigmata ostraka to be found in the Lokris region.