: 'eastern beauty') or baihao (白毫), among other Chinese names, is a heavily oxidized, non-roasted, tip-type oolong tea originating in Hsinchu County, Taiwan. That end day is important, because it falls on the Guyu Festival, an agricultural holiday held to invite the... →, Dragon Pearl Jasmine Supreme is our finest Jasmine scented tea. Also known as Oriental Beauty, it is the standard grade of this type of tea & a highly sought after tea unique to this region. Those who are familiar with our popular Formosa Red teas will appreciate the deepened complexity of this tea. Eastern Beauty is an exquisite naked tea that totally depends on Mother Nature to produce its unique favor. Baihao Oolong is a typical deeply fermented Taiwan Oolong Tea. Also known as Oriental Beauty, it is the standard grade of this type of tea & a highly sought after tea unique to this … It is also called "Pengfeng Tea".In the international tea market, the Baihao (white-haired) Oolong tea from Taiwan is known as Champagne Oolong or "Eastern Beauty". Once ready to be harvested, two leaves and a bud are expertly picked, before being withered and then tumbled - provoking oxidation. This method highlights both the creamy mouthfeel and sweet honey finish. By Isabelle Wilkinson Our Eastern Beauty, often known as Oriental Beauty tea, is a beautiful, dark oolong famed for its deliciously fragrant cup. A profusion of silver tips enhances the bold, handcrafted leaves of this unique Oolong selection from Vietnam. However, the fifth generation farm who produced this tea chose to fully oxidize the leaves, categorizing our Eastern Beauty as a black tea. Oolongs are often considered the finest and most highly prized teas. The cultivar that we source - Qingxin and Ruan zhi, have been moved from Taiwan to Thailand where the climate also lends itself well to the production of this tea. The finished tea is then... →, A descendent of oolong varieties taken from Jian'ou in China's Fujian Province, Tung Ting was brought to the eponymous central Taiwan mountain in the mid-1800s. The chemical reaction causes a sweetness in the leaves. Fragrant notes of apricot, peach and honey introduce the smooth, rich cup, which fills your mouth with its buttery mouth feel. The locals sometimes call the tea "cai cha" or "vegetable tea", an endearing, familiar term for a tea that they drink day in and day out. For a few weeks in the Taiwanese summertime, the Eastern Beauty tea plant is swarmed by tea green leafhoppers, which bite the leaves, stems and buds. Doi Mae Salong Estate, Thailand   Photo: Rishi Tea. Just like other tea types, oolong tea comes from the Camellia Sinensis plants. We recommend reinfusing Eastern (Oriental) Beauty up to 5 times. Eastern Beauty or Oriental Beauty is a heavy oxidised Taiwanese Oolong which is very rich in terpenes - volatile aromatics giving the tea a potent fragrance. Harvested in this moist low elevation area, in the hottest months of summer. This oolong tea is organically grown in Taiwan. We only use spring-harvested Da Bai leaf buds from Fuding County, Fujian for the base tea, a variety usually reserved for white tea crafting. Today, tea is... →, © Red Blossom Tea 2020 All Rights Reserved. This attack on the plant causes the plant to release polyphenols, which ultimately give Eastern Beauty its distinctive sweet sour flavour and fragrant character. Originally cultivated in Taiwan, the story of how Eastern Beauty tea comes to have its unique flavour is a special one. The young leaves are intentionally allowed to be bitten by leaf-hoppers. From the unique mountain ecosystem of XinZhu comes the legendary Eastern Beauty. Eastern Beauty, also know as Oriental Beauty, Bai Hao Oolong, and Champagne Formosa, is one of the most famous and unique Asian teas. As you move through infusions, you might find that you want to increase the brew time. Season's Pick Vietnam Eastern Beauty Oolong. Our Eastern Beauty combines the characteristics of black teas with those of Taiwanese oolong, meaning it tastes best brewed in a manner that is different from most black teas or oolongs.