See a corpse in a coffin, indigestion. / When we make mistakes or the risk is too great, spiritually we can only be ‘rescued’ by a greater knowledge and wisdom.... Dream Meanings of Versatile, To dream of being in a lifeboat symbolizes a situation in which you will have to defend your reputation.... My Dream Interpretation, That which channels one in the right direction and gives them hope; see “water”... Dream Dictionary Unlimited, One who watches over another’s safety, either an authoritative figure or a guardian angel... Dream Dictionary Unlimited, Symbolic of watching out for and protecting others, Ps. Alabaster Statue comes to life | What does it meaning of statue, comes, life, in dream? Cockroaches See Awake.... Strangest Dream Explanations. Dream Dictionary; ... To dream of the sphinx, an Egyptian old statue with the body of a … The Dream Books Symbols. Dead, Death If you were on the losing side, what can you learn from the tactics of the winning side? This type of dream has been dealt with since humanity first began. The ability to communicate effectively. Consider that the statue could also show your ideals that are so grateful, that they have the statues.Read more…, The dream in which you see the Statue of Liberty denotes to the liberation, entitlement and self-support. Make sure you are liberal and open minded person. Albino These dreams can seem so real, so vivid. When there are many cockroaches it indicates that something serious is about to happen and the dreamer must be prepared, and must exercise self-control. His approach to finding balance in every stage of life was through the analysis of dreams and a process he called ‘individuation’. But you must make your own choices and decisions. Symbolic of the United States. This dream also tells you that things can get abandonment.Read more…, Mother in a dream symbolizes life and death. / Renewed life, health, wisdom, and knowledge. Statues Growth. It could be about an aspect that is dormant in you. A statue in a dream also means to be enamored with a woman or a boy. See “sculpture”... Dream Dictionary Unlimited, An idol, something you worship, Deut. Because die sea can represent deep emotion, in dreams a lifeboat may be of help in handling our own emotions. Often regarded as an all-nourishing, all-giving Mother, many myths speak of the Tree of Life or World Tree as involved in the creation of the universe. Funeral, Funeral rites Blow To see a life-boat sinking, friends will contribute to your distress. Dreams of a statue signify stillness, coldness, that you are memorializing someone or putting them on a pedestal, or honoring a precious moment that is frozen in time. 3- Spiritually we can only be ‘rescued’ by a greater knowledge and wisdom. Dream Meaning Dream Meaning. Many statues are works of art that depict the human form. Creation and subsequent nourishment or support of what was created. Consider that the dream could also represent your soul and unexpressed or hidden thoughts. RELATIONSHIP DREAMS AT DIFFERENT STAGES OF YOUR LIFE, YGGDR ASIL (THE WORLD TREE, ORTREE OFLIFE), Interpretation of a dream for my boss complaining that he has pink cheeks. / This makes sense as you would expect the dreams you had when you were fifteen to reflect the concerns of your life as a teenager, just as you would expect the dreams you have now to have evolved into a mirror of your current situation and age group. To dream of colorful candy life savers represents happiness and security. / The Statue of Liberty in the dream is a sign for the expansion of personal and cultural connections. Blow Burial A life jacket keeps you afloat in water in order to save your life. We may also be being made aware of the degree of skill we require to navigate life’s difficulties. You are recognizing a larger perspective of life beyond the confines of the ego, and that heaven is at hand now. In dreams the appearance of the Tree of Life or any kind of tree can therefore be a powerful symbol of harmony, success, integration and fulfillment. It is also portrayed variously as the Golden Bough, vine, or mistletoe. If someone has buried you while you were still alive, then it means you will suffer the deception from those you have trusted. He viewed youth as a period of expanding consciousness, middle age as a period of questioning long-held convictions, and old age as a period of increased introspection and preoccupation with self-evaluation. Dreams take you to a higher level of consciousness and understanding which has the power to transform your life and your world.