4. Styling Tips • Denim • Fashion • Jeans. written by Allison Daniels. Frayed Hem Jeans- DIY Denim. For that iconic frayed look, tug at the hem of your jeans until frayed to your liking. Careful! Put the new jeans that you want to cut underneath the old ones, matching up the waist, crotch, and side seams. A staggered hem is basically where the front half of your jeans is cut shorter than the back. Take your tired or too-long jeans and hem them with a cool fray — no tailor required. You'll add instant fashion edge to a simple t-shirt and jeans outfit when you choose frayed hem jeans … I’ve seen this on a lot of different denim cuts, but skinny jeans are still the easiest and safest option to apply this trend to. As you can see in the picture above, the hem in the front is staggered shorter than the back. Tug The Hems. Weekend style in frayed hem jeans and a trench coat. Here's a pulled together weekend outfit in raw hem jeans that will take you from brunch to shopping and beyond. Alright, time to grab your scissors and cut along your chalk line. Kirstin Sinclair/Getty Images. With a pencil, draw a line on the bottom pair, tracing the edge of the top pair's hem.