I mean if the only difference between Gork and Mork are going to be melee damage vs missile damage, as a greenskin (and even as skarsnik)there's no way you'll ever want missile damage. #67 to #13 - arrhidavid . Antidotes are useful . #33 to #13 - megaton . #74 to #13 - pingun . Gork is brutally cunning while Mork is cunningly brutal. Procedures – tell you who does what when. 50 XP 27th November 2005. Poll: Mork or Gork? Good old Gork and Mork. Broadly speaking, there are three categories: permanent, temporary and contract work. Work pass exemption for foreign students Reply +2 [-] #49 to #13 - methoxica . Permanent, Temporary & Contract Work. Insanely powerful (your note about emps comes from an older codex if I recall correctly), truly terrifying presence. Reply 0 [-] Why isnt heresy in that poll? GoogleMoogleMaximus. They are very specific instructions, for example, how to complete a form. Miscellaneous Work Pass: For foreign speakers, religious workers and journalists taking on a short-term work assignment of up to 60 days in Singapore. Work Instructions – tell you how to do something. Introduction []. The best gods you could friggin hope for. The difference between the two is that one hits you when you are looking and the other hits you when you aren’t. #24 to #13 - gibusernamepls . Temporary and contract assignments often use interchangeable language and your Change consultant will be able to guide you through the differences, making you completely aware of the working status of each. one is brutally cunning and one is cunningly brutal ie one hits you when your not looking one hits you hard when you are this will be hard to answer seeing how no ork know which one is which as far as i know. There's simply way too little damage coming from ranged in a greenskins army (except maybe if you play greenskins like a certain person around here plays bretonnia). so who you think is better gork or mork? Difference between Work Instructions and Procedures. He is the more brutal but cunning out of the twins, while Mork is the more cunning but brutal. In other words, it identifies who completes the form and when this should occur. Work Pass Exempt Activities: For performing eligible short-term activities without a work pass. Candidates must still notify MOM of their activities. 4 years ago. Mork is only Kunning but to an extent that seems unfair to others. Reply +3 [-] Me Finks youz mean "Gork or Mork?" Reply +3 [-] obviously Gork as he is both kunning and Brutal. Gork or A Literal Mushroom is one of the two Ork gods, the god of cunning brutality. The core "difference" between them is that Mork will hit you when you aren't looking, while Gork will hit you harder when you are..