Credit: Emily Green. Palo verdes are named from the Spanish for "green stick." Let us know if needed? Mine were planted in December, and instead of flowering all at once in spring, they have been issuing successions of flowers through the summer. ‘Desert Museum’ grows to about 30 feet high and wide, up to eight feet a year during the first couple of years. This has a complex answer, but the short reply is no. Many of the other seedling-grown palo verde species can be long and lanky, spiny, particularly messy, but amazingly drought-resistant. It was hybridized at the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum in Tucson, and is a genetic cross between Parkinsonia microphylla, Parkinsonia florida, and Parkinsonia aculeata. Speaking of pruning, my specimens had been field-grown, so they were shaped from day one into a multiple-trunk tree. If the glass is clear, it might heat the soil and cause more evaporation. We’ve compiled a list of trees to grow in the Phoenix area and Arizona Desert. It is quite similar to the other Parkinsonia species, growing rapidly to heights of twenty to twenty-five feet with an equal spread. We planted a 36-inch boxed tree at the Desert Museum. As a native of the Southwest, palo verdes are so well adapted that summer heat brings them into all their glory. It may be severely stunted in very rocky foothill sites. Credit: Christine Cotter / Los Angeles Times. For best results you’ll want to select a location in your landscape that offers this full sun. A multiple-trunk specimen has a main one that branches out just a foot or so above the soil. A tree whose name translates from Spanish to “green stick” has performed a remarkable feat. The Desert Museum Palo Verde Tree… It’s Springtime in the desert… and our Palo Verde trees are in full bloom. We offer online meetings for your comfort. Yet it was a palo verde hybrid called Desert Museum that Perry singled out as special. Desert Museum Palo Verde Tree – This is a tree that grows quickly and loves the locations with full sun. Here in Tucson, Desert Museum flowers heavily from mid-April through June and continues to flower sporadically all summer into fall.Are there any diseases that gardeners should be aware of? js = d.createElement(s); = id; Every now and then we have a special discount sale or a few freebies. Regular watering that soaks the soil deeply is critical, especially when first planted. Blue and Mexican palo verdes are usually rather short-lived. Palo verde trees bloom outside Los Angeles Police Department headquarters. These green multiple trunks are outstanding under soft uplighting that can illuminate the underside of the canopy too. By 2005, Southern California’s leading horticulturist, Bart O’Brien of Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden, was describing it as a plant that combined the best features of its parents. When planted along a fence or block wall, prune back the wall side and trim the face to encourage wider growth rather than deeper. *FRESH DESERT MUSEUM SEEDS NOW AVAILABLE​. They can benefit from an annual layer of organic mulch about 2-3 inches thick. About six weeks ago all the leaves began to turn yellow and drop at a great rate. It combines the best traits of its parents: the very fast growth and large flowers of Mexican, the upright habit of Mexican and foothills, and the smaller and therefore less messy leaves of blue and foothills Palo Verdes. It is hardy to about fifteen degrees Fahrenheit or lower, produces lightly filtered shade and is … Locate an area of full sunlight with well-drained soil. This prevents rot by watering less frequently, but when you do water make sure it’s slow and gets good soil penetration. }(document, "script", "aweber-wjs-qy27g6unx")); Address The Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum is a world-renowned zoo, natural history museum and botanical garden, all in one place. All rights reserved. During dry spells, the tree will drop its tiny leaves and then, regrow them after rainfall.