That way he sounds intellectually superior to his opponents while still painting himself as the victim of abuse.It makes him look like a 21st century Robin Hood. He does in all the ways he can.But one of his favorites and one of the nastiest power moves he deploys is by implying, or sometimes directly stating, that his opponent is an idiot. When transgender Zoey Tur threatened to physically assault Shapiro, Shapiro could have claimed that threats of violence have no place in a debate.And he could have made the case that everyone in the studio was supporting violence by not openly condemning Zoey Tur (and it would have been a good point, BTW). Therefore, please feel free to forward this website to others who may be interested as well. : making them overreact and aggress him and then taking advantage of it). Frankly, I find it nasty and it only increases the level of pain and hurt in this world. There is a strange tendency among human beings. That way, people are actually siding with Shapiro by their own volition rather than because Ben complained or asked to do so. As we have seen Ben Shapiro’s debating techniques often resort to emotional manipulation and bullying.Yet he loves to paint himself as a “small Jewish guy who’s been viciously bullied”.That’s very convenient, isn’t it? Researching Ben Shapiro I have realized that is possibly the most ruthlessly effective debate I have seen so far. The way he does also give him huge power in the interaction because he’s implying that the woman is rambling on and babbling and he is the intelligent one who is now bringing the conversation towards its central proposition. But of course, Ben Shapiro is too smart to fall into that trap, and he finds indeed a strong, powerful way of presenting himself as a victim. My personal invite to you is to build bridges, rather than “dominating” the opponent.But with this article, you will know how to defend yourself against Shapiro-like debaters. Yet I’d go as far as to say that most of Ben Shapiro’s claim to notoriety is bad on him gaslighting his opponents (ie. Talking with unwavering confidence like you’re delivering scripture works very well both in destroying his debating opponents and in galvanizing his followers’ base.Most people indeed have an inborn tendency to follow the charismatic leader. Debate Strategies. If you want to win debates, then you need to master the dark side of the debate techniques. The Most Important Techniques of Debate. If you have been following this blog though you know that statistics can be manipulated to say almost anything you want to say (Darrell Huff, 1954).Furthermore, few if any people even check whether what you’re saying is based on good data (or on any data at all, also check “popular but wrong self-help myths“). It consists of “beating your opponent to the punch” and accusing him of using your own manipulative technique.Let’s imagine you are verbally bullying someone and then accuse your opponent of being a verbal bully.When you do it: As a matter of fact, the more he overreacts and accuses back, the more he will look like a bully, and the more likely you are of winning the debate. Using persistent denial, misdirection, contradiction, and lying, gaslighting involves attempts to destabilize the victim and delegitimize the victim’s belief. 10 Bullying Debate Techniques From Ben Shapiro | The Power … Seek Peace (Only) When They’re On Their Knees, Psychopaths’ Sexual Strategy: Marauders of Sex, Manipulation: Techniques, Strategies, & Ethics, Dark Psychology: 7 Ways to Manipulate People,, How To Deal With Guys Hitting on Your Girlfriend, Throwing Someone Under The Bus: Real Life Example, How To Fix Combative Relationships: Case Study. In reality, it's all about rhetorical techniques, structure and knowing your audience. When it comes to debate techniques to win debates no matter what, Ben Shapiro is a great guy to learn from. If you've spent any time whatsoever online, you'll know that it is a breeding ground for arguments about, well, anything. I get that trans who are singled out for being trans might suffer more. Tag:ben shapiro debate techniques, ben shapiro manipulation, ben shapiro power moves, how ben shapiro dominates. And if there one thing we should all strive on is in reducing misery and increasing people’s well-being. Accuse Your Opponent of Your Own Faults, #9. Social support, reduced transphobia, and having any personal identification documents changed to an appropriate sex designation were associated with large relative and absolute reductions in suicide risk, Interventions to increase social inclusion and access to medical transition, and to reduce transphobia, have the potential to contribute to substantial reductions in the extremely high prevalences of suicide ideation. So what Shapiro conveniently says is that he is against abuse and bullying because he’s been the victim of vicious bullying as a kid.