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["order_by"]=> ["name"]=> ["id"]=> Medium double pink damask fading as it ages fragrant blossoms, with an occasional repeat bloom during the season. string(1) "0" array(0) { string(36) "modules/products/categories/view.php" ["meta_description"]=> string(3) "172" bool(true) array(3) { ["update_event":protected]=> ["order_by"]=> } string(1) "0" ["spec_class_id"]=> ["url"]=> ["facet_model":protected]=> ["order_by"]=> array(3) { ["url_table":protected]=> ["joins":protected]=> Either way, it looks magnificent in the garden. string(12) "manufacturer" string(17) "in_stock:{0 TO *}" ["order_by"]=> ["current_row":protected]=> string(15) "category.update" ["data":protected]=> string(0) "" string(1) "0" ["facet_model":protected]=> string(15) "Miniature Roses" string(15) "category.update" string(12) "shrub-roses/" } ["id"]=> string(3) "180" ["delete_event":protected]=> string(1) "0" string(36) "modules/products/categories/view.php" ["url"]=> ["id"]=> ["organizers_for_input":protected]=> string(17) "crm_category_tree" ["banner_image_id"]=> string(36) "modules/products/categories/view.php" array(18) { string(14) "Noisette Roses" ["found"]=> string(11) "Shrub Roses" bool(true) bool(false) There are 2632 damask roses for sale on Etsy, and they cost $22.52 on average. ["config_data":protected]=> ["hidden"]=> ["update_event":protected]=> string(14) "crm_categories" array(4) { ["type"]=> Damask Roses (14) Hardy To Zone. string(36) "modules/products/categories/view.php" ["xcart_cid"]=> ["appearances"]=> string(8) "crm_urls" Bright, silky flowers of all these colors will often be on display at the same time, looking as if a group of multi-colored butterflies has settled on the bush. string(1) "0" object(db_result)#21 (10) { string(1) "0" string(16) "polyantha-roses/" ["delete_event":protected]=> string(3) "asc" ["default_url"]=> } bool(false) NULL } NULL ["name"]=> string(277) ", object(category)#40 (23) { ["update_event":protected]=> ["in_stock"]=> ["model":protected]=> } ["facet_model":protected]=> Growth habit 5' x 4'. 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