I used a THIN layer of metallic silver spray paint on mine. again, scale them to your liking. What I did was use my dad’s huge printer, blew up a pic of the sword, pasted it to the posterboard after cutting it out, and cut it out after pasting.to get exact dimensions, but you can also eye it too, doesn’t really matter. MAKE SURE YOU WEAR SAFETY GOGGLES, AND DO NOT BREATHE THE PLASTIC STUFF THAT FLIES EVERYWHERE. After you cut out the shape, clamp the three peices together as exact as you can, and put a small peice of cardboard  or an extra peice of glass under where the clamp touches the glass so it doesn’t scratch the glass. use a hot knife (in my case, a hot exact-o knife) to carve your bevels! https://www.facebook.com/groups/whitewalls13/. <3, I was invited to a Cosplay New Years Eve party and kicked myself because I didn’t have an outfit. SO. I’m always in awe of what those fellow spouses can do! Diy foam sword tutorial. make ABSOLUTELY sure that your dowel is the right length and is in the right position, because after you put the blade together there's no going back. Now, take your PVC pipe and cut a slit into it about 3/8 of an inch wide and 2-3 inches deep (enough to take in the “tail”, which should slide right into the pipe, and a few inches of the blade itself). I hope this worked for you! Tips on improving the process: definitely triple-check your circuit before you accidentally short out a battery like i did. Oh I like organized things! Thanks! if it doesn’t stay in place, wrap some tape around it on the top and bottom (backwards so the sticky part is outside) and put it inside, lessing the bottom part just barely poke out so you can turn the light on and off as you need but are still able to fit the cap onto it. More info found here. the resin fully cures after about 2 hours. I chose to use straight clay because it made a really secure bond between the handle and the blade. use your mold as a guide and cut it using the example I've shown in the first image. this will give you a rough starting shape to work with. Too bad you didnt live closer, I totally would have hooked you up!! Tips on improving the process: don't try to push the excess fiberglass too far under the mold, it will just make the cleaning process harder. also, use a mask and safety glasses when spray painting. We have collected 8 pictures with instructions for creating a cosplay sword that you can be proud of! when i made mine i used a wedge to physically break the mold out, but if yours is too stuck in you can use acetone to dissolve the foam out (though this is a nasty/toxic process). fiberglass resin will dissolve your foam mold, so seal it in epoxy before casting. Leave a comment down below on what tutorial you'd like to see next! And hiding it all with the dress is a smart idea. once you mix your hardener and resin (use a mixing stick) you'll have at most 10 - 15 minutes to work with it before it solidifies in your container. again, priming them with white might yield a cleaner result. A drawer/cupboard full of weapons… how neat is that . Now, take your maglite and put it into the PVC pipe. on Introduction, About: Chief Project Manager and Fabricator. We don’t really have storage at all…..I mean it’s awful here but thanks for this! I’m welcoming to anything!~Fangy. That’s such a good use of space. Hello ladies and gents! A cosplay tutorial site which not only feature tutorials, but experiments on prop as well as costume making. Total construction time was about 28 hours.