Please visit the customer service counter at your local Co-op and ask for a member application form. Our co-ops have been making a meaningful difference in Western Canadian communities for many decades. The purpose is different—A Co-op provides benefits to its members. We’ll also get you to sign the back of the cheque so that the bank will know you gave it to us. That includes carryout at our food stores, extra service at no extra cost at our gas stations, expert sommelier advice at our Wine Spirits Beer locations, and free prescription delivery from our pharmacies. Members are owners. Can I use my refund cheque to pay for my purchases at Co-op? When you join, you become a part owner in your co-operative. Every member is entitled to a vote to influence the future of the co-operative, and when a profit is made, every member is entitled to get a share of that profit. © Federated Co-operatives Limited If you think we have your old address, update it here and it will be forwarded to you once returned by Canada Post. That means your refund was in excess of $100. Be sure to bring your picture I.D. If you forget how to report this information on your filing, worry not! All you need to do is take your membership card … Again, all co-ops are a little bit different. I shop at a Co-op outside Calgary city limits, am I still earning? A co-operative is a different kind of business. Thousands of local charities, volunteer groups and community organisations are sharing a £15 million funding boost raised through the Co-op’s membership programme. This helps the co-ops to operate more efficiently and to gain buying power as a group. Some charge $1 and some charge $100 but for the majority, the one-time cost to purchase a share and join for life is $10. That's from your Member Refund from last year. It’s one of the smartest investments you can make. Everyone is welcome to shop at a Co-op location and everyone is invited to become a Co-op member. The T4A is for last year’s return, not the cheque you just got. When the co-op makes money, you get a share of those profits. The Co-op has doubled the amount it provides to support communities to 2p in every pound that members spend on its products and services. Just $1 gives you a lifetime of earning equity and cash back with every purchase. Member Refund cheques can be used to purchase your groceries. “As a business which was founded to share the value we create with our members and their communities we feel a duty to act and strive to support the recovery of those in greatest need. There is no foreign ownership, no “head office” and no sending profits to shareholders outside of the community. And equity account represents your holdings in the business, which can grow over time and are paid out later on, usually when you reach age 65 (69 or 70 in some co-operatives). When will I get my annual Member Refund cheque? New research by the Co-op among 28,000 communities showed the biggest concerns included food poverty, unemployment, mental health and youth inequality. Your purchase supports your community via the Co-op Community Foundation, which supports local charities and initiatives. Federated Co-operatives Limited provides centralized services to over two hundred co-operatives in Western Canada. The member’s fee is not for a specific service offered by the National Health Co-op but to join and own the Co-op itself. The more purchases you make at your co-op, the bigger your share. This list is subject to change. That’s because your membership gives you the chance to vote in the Director Election, run for the Board of Directors, and attend our Annual Meeting. Whenever you shop at any Co-op store with your membership number, you’ll earn towards an annual member refund proportionate to your annual spend. The purpose is different—A Co-op provides benefits to its members. We mail cheques to the address we have on file as of January 25th. Hooray! When your co-op turns a profit, some of those profits are distributed to all member-owners. Points can be earned with all Your Co-op shops and services (as well as all other affiliated co-operative societies). Only the person whose name is on the cheque can cash it. Also, when you shop with reusable bags, you’ll save money, reduce plastic use and 3¢/bag will be donated to the Co-op Community Foundation. The control structure is different—all members own one share and get one vote. The NHC Rules is our cooperative constitution and provides important information on members rights and responsibilities.