She freed Glimmer from her cell and led her to the transport pad, telling her to escape with Adora and not return. She eventually finds the source but unexpectedly ends up in the same place Adora goes to visit Light Hope. When Adora decides to take on the fail-safe code for the Heart of Etheria, however, Catra decides she is too much of a distraction to Adora's duties and tries to flee, only to change her mind after learning of Horde Prime's final plan and running back to aid Adora in releasing the Heart of Etheria, saving her from an ancient security system. After they saved Erelandia, Catra comforted Netossa by saying her wife Spinnerella would be alright. She ends up joining the Rebellion and by the end of the series she becomes Adora's girlfriend, helping her to stop Horde Prime. Giant worm robots created by the First Ones to guard the site are also infected and attack the excavation camp, forcing the two groups to work together despite Catra's refusal to allow the disc to be destroyed. The crew and found the rebel base in ruins. If I want something, it's taken from me. He was originally going to send her to Beast Island, but instead sent her to the Crimson Waste to get First Ones' tech (after the insistence of Entrapta), thinking she would not return, but she did and gave him Adora's sword, which was the key to completing his portal. When Adora was rendered incapable of becoming She-Ra by Horde Prime's virus and nearly dies from it, Catra's confession of love, and her subsequent return of it by kissing her, is what ultimately reawakens Adora's powers. Catra held it off while Adora and Shadow Weaver went after the super weapon. As she walks away a look of guilt appears on her face when Scoripa says what great friend she is. She also added that Shadow Weaver was confident that she could raise Catra until she began to claw and bite, as kittens tend to do. However, Catra did not listen to her warning to take Adora and run, so Shadow Weaver blasts Catra back into the tunnel with Adora and raises a barrier to keep her there. Catra is one of the main characters in "She-Ra and the Princesses of Power". Adora healed Catra with her powers and as she woke up the two embraced each other in a hug. ”, “ Don't you get it? Catra captured him and Glimmer during the episode "Princess Prom" and held them hostage as bait to capture Adora. I am sorry. When Shadow Weaver returned to the Fright Zone to rescue Adora, Catra broke down in tears. Catra told Adora all the "happiness" she felt being at Prime's side. Reply to: ‍ :rainbow: Catra A. Meowmeow‍ :rainbow: This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content. 119,483 Pages. After she learned Shadow Weaver went to Bright Moon, both her mind and heart began to fill with more anger and hatred than ever before. Catra actually says "Thank You" to Scorpia. She then deceived Hordak by saying she betrayed him by letting the other princesses into the Fright Zone. This is what caused her actions at the end of Season Three. If I win a fight, I lose the war. she asked Catra to leave, but Catra refuses and stays with her. #demisexual. She lately attacked and paralyzed Hordak who was serving Glimmer her dinner, saying him that this time wasn't "nothing personal". That is the name the She-Ra crew gave me. Much tension is left between them and Adora is shown to still care for Catra as she grabs her as she nearly falls off a cliff as aforementioned, but Catra quickly lets go. Upon reaching the Crystal of Arxia, Shadow Weaver explains that the fail safe is a code which was stored inside inside the crystal and instructed Adora to open it with the password "Friends of Mara". In Season Three, she convinced Hordak that Entrapta, who he had begun to show feelings for, had betrayed him. Nicknames. Super Pal Duo (formerly)Super Pal Trio (formerly)Best Friends Squad Catra claimed she was not against a bigger Horde army and asked Adora how she knew Hordak's plan anyway. Catra witnessed Adora transformed into her new She-Ra form as she went off to fight the Horde ships. After the finale battle, when Adora confirmed Horde Prime's destruction, Catra simply said "Good Riddance". You can also call me "Jess Carnage." Catra is a slender, tan skinned female of unknown feline origins. Catra being saved from falling off of a cliff during a fight with Adora. Bow, Glimmer and Adora got trapped by the defense systems as they rushed to save Catra. While Prime did wiped out all life on the planet, leaving Melog the last of it's kind he could not defend against it's magic and so he fled, covering up his failure. She-Ra and the Princesses of Power Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community.