If your vehicle has been seized for this reason the driver should have received a seizure notice. If your insurance company has failed to update the Motor Insurance Bureau with your policy details you will not get a refund. If your vehicle doesn’t have correct number plates and you’re planning on driving it, you must attach valid replacement plates when you collect it. A. I'm fine with cookies We may share information with your insurer or the Motor Insurers' Bureau if we suspect an offence. November 20, 2017 at 2:45 PM. only take your vehicle from the pound directly to a pre-booked MOT appointment, or, you can provide evidence that you're out of the country, or, there are compelling medical or compassionate circumstances that stop you being able to, an authority letter – a letter signed by you authorising the third party to collect the vehicle on your behalf, a copy of your passport or driving licence as proof of signature, two-wheeled vehicles: £150 removal charge and £10 per day storage, cars and light vans: £150 removal charge and £20 per day storage, bring a letter of authority from the owner or keeper, as explained above, if they don't come to the pound with you, comply with any health and safety or other reasonable instructions issued by the pound staff, has held a licence for more than three years. If you're a recovery operator collecting a vehicle from the pound you must: Bring a set of keys, in case the driver didn't leave the keys in the vehicle. When you’re let out, after a few hours or even a few days, your phone is handed back to you in a plastic baggie; the SIM card and SD card taped to the back. In order to use this site please enable JavaScript in your web browser. If the vehicle was in a collision and you’re not sure it’s roadworthy, consider having it recovered by a professional recovery operator. If you stay calm and co-operative it will be a more pleasant experience for everyone - and it might help you to have your car back more quickly. Here, you can find out how to reclaim a vehicle that has been seized under Section 165A of the Road Traffic Act 1988. If you cannot access your account you can This can render your insurance invalid and Staffordshire Police will report all suspected fraud to the relevant company. These charges are set by government, not the police, and vary depending on the weight and condition of the vehicle. If a vehicle ‘in trade’ has been driven on the road without a valid trade licence displayed it must be registered to the owner immediately. When you get there you may have to queue for a while and be feeling stressed and angry but do remember that the staff there are only doing their job. Get your vehicle unclamped. This can render your insurance invalid and Staffordshire Police will report all suspected fraud to the relevant company. The staff at the police station can send the relevant documents to DVLA on your behalf. The police, including all pound staff, can't advise on whether your vehicle is roadworthy. UK law allows specially trained police officers patrolling our roads to seize vehicles for various reasons. If not complied with in the appropriate timeframe then the car is sent for destruction. Vehicle clamped/seized because it was untaxed The link below explains what you need to do: You will need to contact your insurance company directly. Find our response to the coronavirus outbreak and how to report someone breaching the social restrictions. If the registered keeper or owner can't come to the pound in person to collect the property, we'll require a letter of authority and proof of signature (see above). Once your documents have been validated your seizure form will be stamped, authorising the release of your vehicle. It's a work in progress, we'll be adding new services over the next few weeks, so please take a look and tell us what you think. If you’re driving under a provisional licence you must bring someone who: Make sure you have L plates on the vehicle. Pay the charges for the removal/retention of the vehicle. Leave this site. they will not have a valid driving licence or certificate of insurance. Vehicle clamped/seized in relation to parkingIt's a criminal offence to clamp/block/tow away a vehicle without lawful authority. See Q528 for further information on wheel clamping. In most cases where the vehicle is not badly damaged or off the road, the charges will be: Please note, the daily storage charges start from midday on the next working day after the vehicle was seized. You’re taken to the police station, you’re booked, and your phone is confiscated. The driver’s details can normally be confirmed from the seizure notice. You can buy a policy online anytime you need it, and with our speedy quote process, you can get prices and policies in just a couple of minutes – whether you want cover for a few hours or it’s weekly car insurance you need. Prove you are the registered keeper/owner of the vehicle. You will still need to follow the above procedure and pay the recovery charges. Escape key not available with JavaScript disabled They need to show they are the registered keeper, they have a driving licence, and they have insurance. specifically lists the vehicle on the stock list. ... "The driver received a ticket to court for both offences where he’s going to find it difficult to get his licence back. I'd like to manage the cookies, Quickly exit this site by pressing the Escape key, Escape key not available with JavaScript disabled, Breach of coronavirus (Covid-19) measures, How to tell us about possible terrorist activity, How to tell us about something you've seen or heard, Firearm, shotgun or explosives certificate, Information: about the police, about yourself or someone else, Section 165A of the Road Traffic Act 1988, Road Traffic Act (Retention and disposal of seized vehicles) Regulations 2005 – amended 2008, How to complain about the removal of a vehicle, a UK photo card driving licence; if you have the old paper licence you need to bring your passport or another verifiable form of photo ID (one from the list above), an EU/EEA photo card driving licence along with a passport or EU/EAA identity card, a non-EU/EEA driving licence together with an International Driving Permit or an official translation, plus a passport or other evidence of immigration status and date of arrival in the UK, an insurance certificate on your mobile phone as long as it shows clearly on the screen, correct owner and registered keeper details, any motoring convictions in the last five years, any modifications to your vehicle from standard specification. If your vehicle is over three years old and doesn't have a current MOT test pass certificate, you must: As the registered keeper/owner you are legally responsible for the vehicle. Contact your insurer before coming to the pound if you're in doubt. Trade or business insurance policies can be produced as long as the policy: You should produce a valid full vehicle registration document (V5C) in your name together with proof of address. Pounds are open Monday to Friday between 9am and 4pm. To prove your identity you need valid photo ID, such as: We won't accept a student or employer’s ID. The easiest way to show that you are the registered keeper of a vehicle is to produce your V5 registration document. incident. Why don't the Police pay? If the Police had to pay for such recoveries, the cost would have to be passed on to the general public by way of increased Community charges. If your vehicle has been issued with a PG9 prohibition notice, isn’t roadworthy or won’t start, you need to arrange for a fully trained, equipped and insured vehicle recovery operator to collect it at your own expense. The nominated driver should normally be named as an additional driver on the registered keeper's own policy. If your vehicle has been impounded for another reason, go to our impounded vehicles page. online. Under federal law, assets worth as little as $2,000 are subject to forfeiture, meaning it doesn't take a ridiculous display of wealth to become a target. When your vehicle was seized you will have been given a vehicle seizure form (WT840 or WT841). (You may be required to provide further evidence of purchase or ownership.). It couldn’t be simpler to get a short term insurance policy. Get your vehicle back. The Vehicle Recovery Unit will then decide if you are eligible for a refund. trade policies will only be accepted if accompanied by stock books and VAT registration certificate; the driver should also have declared to the police officer who seized the vehicle that they were driving the vehicle for business purposes.