I echo your comments. Sorry — this seems to be a repeat of what you said, but I do want to add that I’ll need a new stand mixer soon and I’m going back to the Bosch. The older style of Bosch was really hard to clean because you couldn’t remove the bottom from the center shaft. Instead it turned out to be simple. I really enjoy mixing it myself and getting a great sense of how it looks/feels. My old Bosch does a awesome job but sometimes it sounds like it is pushing too hard to work. I have a hard time getting it out sometimes, so I wait until it dries and I “chip” the dried dough out with a toothpick. Together we have made over 5000 loaves of bread, over 1000 cakes and at least 100,000 cookies!!!! , I have had both in my home for over 10 years now. I’ve never been at all attracted to kitchen equipment because of it’s beauty, but more for it’s durability and function. The only problem I have is when making bread it tends to creep forward while kneeling so I have to keep an eye on it. Excellent. I love my grandmother’s mixer (my husband asks when it will be ‘my mixer’) haha! I went shopping online on Canadian websites for the mighty Bosch. I don’t make nearly as much bread now and I have a higher watt one so I’m hopeful this one will last longer! Maybe I’ll start making bread again as an excuse to get a Bosch! Everything else I use the handmixer for and agree with your post that it’s doable! I bought my first Bosch over 35 years ago. This behemoth is the autumn gold color so popular back then. (Dough creeps up into where dough hook is secured to mixer.). Not sure it’s true but have heard it has plastic gears, so won’t subject it to bread kneading. All mixers have their own party to be invited to. I never thought about using a hand mixer for the things the Bosch can’t do well. Despite having to still pull up ingredients from the bottom of the bowl, the KitchenAid is hands down the best mixer for standard-size recipes of thinner/wetter ingredients. I love it. Great post! I’m going to have to go back and read through these comments. I use it all the time. Thanks mel! You’ve noted that mixer brands stay within families. That thing is beast and based on what she put it through, I was expecting the same with my newer model, but the quality just is no longer there. I’m 66 years old and I’m sure you’ll never believe this, but I have NEVER in all my life EVER owned a stand mixer…. I hear about people having bosches for forever, but that has not been my experience. The bigger question for some will be; Which is lead free? Thanks for taking the time to share what works of you! I used a hand mixer or made things by hand for several years. I figure if I’m going to go to the effort of making cookies I might as well make a bunch, plenty for me and plenty to share! I pretty much only pull it out if I am doing a big batch of bread dough. I am dreaming about the professional version from King Arthur if/when it dies again, but the costco price tag is a lot better so we’ll see. This is very useful information. If you are ever going to make more than 2 loaves of bread dough, I think the Bosch is the only way to go. I used to make all my bread by hand, but now I use my trusty Bosch! Up until a couple years ago all I had was a hand mixer. Now I want to make cookies and bread. I had a Kitchen Aide I liked it ok, but the motor gave out fairly soon. Memories are so powerful! Although, I have recently acquired a spiralizer and loving it with plans to plant extra zucchini just for that purpose. I have used a Bosch for years. I’m from the UK and was given a Kenwood Chefette stand mixer, a junior model and not one of the large Kenwood Chefs, it was great. Ha! I have a new Bosch and a Kitchen Aid Artisan. It came with all of the attachments for way less than the Bosch. For space saving, and power, I might have gone with a Bosch had I known about it before. (The kids sold it in the neighborhood.) They used to be made by Hobart and now they are made by whirlpool. We both get frustrated sometimes when trying to add ingredients to the KitchenAid. Made in UK I think. I don’t feel like you are trying to impress me with rare, unpronounceable ingredients.