P.S. Good old water, aka H2O. If you are someone who likes to know what you put on your face then fragrance is not your best friend - there's no way to know what’s really in it. It’s probably the most common cleansing ingredient of all. It doesn't make my skin soft or anything like people claim. It’s safe and gentle, but even more importantly, it’s not a feared-by-everyone-mostly-without-scientific-reason paraben. Being a secondary UV absorber means that its protection is weak and it has to be combined with other sunscreen filters for proper sun protection. It’s definitely a smart thing to avoid with sensitive skin (and fragrance of any type - natural is just as allergic as synthetic, if not worse!). It is typically used in tiny amounts, around 0.1% or even less. An error has occurred. It lathers up really well and then I Rinse it thoroughly with water. It’s safe and gentle, and can be used up to 1% worldwide. It has a deliciously sweet scent. The art of cleansing is usually to balance between properly cleansing but not over-cleansing and cocamidopropyl betaine is helpful in pulling off this balance right. It does so by neutralizing the metal ions in the formula (that usually get into there from water) that would otherwise cause some not so nice changes. 4. Two special types of honey are acacia and manuka. Today I am going to talk about … It’s the number one cause of contact allergy to cosmetics. Normal, everyday table salt. It’s not something new: it was introduced around 1950 and today it can be used up to 1% worldwide. Benzophenone-4. One more thing: the water used in cosmetics is purified and deionized (it means that almost all of the mineral ions inside it is removed). It gives very good protection across the whole UVA range (310-400 nm that is both UVA1 and UVA2) with a peak protection at 360 nm. It autoxidizes on air exposure and counts as a common skin sensitizer. It can be bought at really affordable price during sales. Butyl Methoxydibenzoylmethane. We usually deliver within 5 working days but due to COVID-19 lockdown your order  may take longer time to be delivered, Free Shipping on all orders above Rs2500. A couple of percents (typically 1-3%) turns a runny surfactant solution into a nice gel texture. The packaging is really nice and there is no need to worry about product leakage because the flip open cap does a pretty good job. The Body Shop Strawberry Shower Gel Ingredients : Aqua. Once inside the skin, it hydrates, but not from the outside - putting pure water on the skin (hello long baths!) Sodium Benzoate. It has the perfect consistency for a shower gel. It’s mostly used as an emulsifier and surfactant but most often it is used to solubilize fragrances into water-based formulas. Being a secondary UV absorber means that its protection is weak and it has to be combined with other sunscreen filters for proper sun protection. And travel friendly. The other reason is that it’s mild and works very well combined with other cleansing agents and surfactants. This shower gel is perfect to nourish and envelop your skin in softness. Delivery time is up to 3-5 working day from order date. The most common skincare ingredient of all. Oxidized limonene can cause allergic contact dermatitis and counts as a frequent skin sensitizer. Aqua/Water (Solvent/Diluent), Sodium Laureth Sulfate (Surfactant), Cocamidopropyl Betaine (Surfactant), Glycerin (Humectant), Polysorbate 20 (Emulsifier), PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor … Immerse yourself in the fruity scent of strawberry as you lather up with our soap-free bodywash. A real oldie but a goodie. A helper ingredient that helps to make the products stay nice longer, aka preservative. Other than that, salt also works as an emulsion stabilizer in water-in-oil emulsions, that is when water droplets are dispersed in the outer oil (or silicone) phase. It cleanses very well, keeps the skin soft and supple and the smell is ethereal. Also, it can help to increase the solubility of some other ingredients in the formula. And cocamidopropyl betaine is great at stabilizing them. Probably that’s why citric acid is usually not used as an exfoliant but more as a helper ingredient in small amounts to adjust the pH of a formulation. Everyone loves bubbles. Overall, honey is a real skin-goodie in pretty much every shape and form, and it is a nice one to spot on the ingredient list. A preservative that works mainly against fungi. Oh, and one more nice thing: even though it’s synthetic it’s highly biodegradable. PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil. The maximum concentration of avobenzone permitted is 5% in the EU and 3% in the US. Interestingly, the combination of avobenzone with mineral sunscreens (that is titanium dioxide and zinc oxide) is not a good idea. It counts as non-irritating, and unlike some other chemical sunscreens, it shows no estrogenic effect. I like this product, it is a shower gel which lathers nicely however it's sweet strawberry scent is its real selling factor. This is the 2nd bottle m using strawberry shower gel. The latter comes from the Leptospermum Scoparium tree native to New Zeland and its special thing is its extra strong antibacterial power due to a unique component called methylglyoxal. A super common and cheap fragrance ingredient. Sodium chloride is the fancy name of salt. Normal, everyday table salt. Not using plastic is not the only answer. We do a Best of INCIDecoder email once a month with the most interesting products and ingredients we bump into. 2. Soap-free Lather-rich. This unique and complex chemical composition gives honey a bunch of nice skin care properties: it is very moisturizing, has soothing and antioxidant abilities as well as significant antibacterial and antifungal magic powers. Minimum order value is Rs 1000(net of all discounts and vouchers), Return and Exchange of products will be accepted only if the products are received in Damaged condition and the same has to be reported within 24 hours.Not Valid for Gift Vouchers and Loyalty Cards. Was I supposed to be impressed with this product? JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. If (similar to us) you are in the weird habit of reading the label on your shower gel while taking a shower, you might have noticed that sodium chloride is almost always on the ingredient list. It is made up of 30 to 50 chemicals on average. Read all the geeky details about Glycerin here >>, A natural moisturizer that’s also in our skin, A super common, safe, effective and cheap molecule used for more than 50 years, Not only a simple moisturizer but knows much more: keeps the skin lipids between our skin cells in a healthy (liquid crystal) state, protects against irritation, helps to restore barrier, Effective from as low as 3% with even more benefits at higher concentrations up to 20-40% (around 10% is a good usability-effectiveness sweet spot), High-glycerin moisturizers are awesome for treating severely dry skin. Immerse yourself in the fruity scent of strawberry as you lather up with our soap-free body wash. Citric Acid. The former is unique and popular because of its higher than usual fructose content that makes it more water-soluble and easier to stabilize in cosmetic formulas. Limonene's nr1 function is definitely being a fragrance component, but there are several studies showing that it's also a penetration enhancer, mainly for oil-loving components. About 95% of honey dry weight is sugar and the other 5% consists of a great number of other minor components including proteins, amino acids, vitamins, enzymes, and minerals. A multi-functional emulsifier that helps water and oil to nicely mix together. Glycerin. An AHA that comes from citrus fruits. You can usually find it right in the very first spot of the ingredient list, meaning it’s the biggest thing out of all the stuff that makes up the product. The reason for this is that salt acts as a fantastic thickener in cleansing formulas created with ionic cleansing agents (aka surfactants) such as Sodium Laureth Sulfate.