I’ve been drinking green tea most of my life. With these factors in mind, along with the previously mentioned advantages, Kagoshima Prefecture is likely to remain the second or perhaps become the leading production area in Japan. The history of Genmaicha is fascinating. Octavia Tea Himalayan Green Tea(*affiliate link), check price at Amazon, really is a delightful experience from bag to cup. In modern facilities staffed with proficiently skilled tea artisans, Kagoshima Prefecture produces approximately 26% of the total national output of finished tea, while Shizuoka Prefecture produces 45%, a combination that dominates the production of Japanese green tea. Yabukita production is smaller in Kagoshima Prefecture due to the fact that an astounding variety of new camellia sinenses cultivars have been developed there in the last three decades. I prefer to let my Starwest Botanicals Gunpowder Green Tea(*affiliate link) steep for around the full 3 minutes. Sencha Green Tea, check out the best sencha teas in our article, is the most popular tea in Japan. In 1887 the first tea producers association was instituted in an effort to improve quality, but it was not until the early 1950's that real improvement was achieved. Sign up to get the latest on sales, new releases and more. Plus More Fun Facts, 10 Of The Best Chamomile Tea Brands For Sleep. I have not found a suitable replacement for this tea. If you are new to green teas then this Sencha (*Affiliate Link To Buddha Teas) is definitely the place to start. 100% money back guarantee Consider this Amazon's Choice product that delivers quickly Organic Genmaicha has been produced according to the strict guidelines of the JAS (Japan Agricultural Standard) and is certified organic. All of our USDA Certified Organic teas are fresh, free of artificial flavors, harsh chemicals and GMOs. These unique high-volume harvesters are highly efficient and effect a very precise and even pluck of each tea leaf. The look of the leaves out of the bag is very attractive and really a hallmark of this Indian green tea brand. Kukicha Twig Loose Leaf Green Tea(*affiliate link), Check price on Amazon. For a healthy and invigorating refreshment in hot weather chill the liquid in your refrigerator/freezer to the desired temperature or pour over ice. The aroma is much the same as the taste, slightly grassy but not too strong. A full-bodied infusion of our organic Genmaicha tea produces an excellent nutty, vegetal and smooth flavor. And we didn’t even touch on Matcha Green Teas. 100% green tea & brown rice. Indian green tea often has to take a back seat to Chinese and Japanese green teas, but I  feel that this is a little harsh. It does not include sales tax. :( Looks like I’ll have to try Den’s. The harvesting season is also very short lasting only about a month in the early spring. TEA TYPE: Organic Green Tea, CAFFEINE LEVEL: High, TASTING NOTES: Nutty, Vegetal, Smooth, CERTIFICATION: USDA Certified Organic, ORIGIN: China, INGREDIENTS - organic bancha green tea, organic popped corn, organic toasted hulled rice kernels. That means you can get a somewhat decaffeinated green tea without the processing involved in normal decaffeination. The freshly opened back is outstanding to breathe in. Please do not place an opened package back into your refrigerator. Zen no Ocha Sencha Green Tea is grown in Shizuoka, Japan using 100% organic methods and never any pesticides. There is an intriguing and subtle complexity about the flavor of this near-perfect blend that is very satisfying. This tea is grown in mountainous regions and is quickly packaged and shipped to retain as much freshness as possible. Most orders arrive within 10 days under normal conditions. Delicate? The steeping duration should be between 2 and 3 minutes. Notes: We brewed the tea as suggested above in our taste tests in order to write the product description. We ship directly to our customers worldwide. How the tea is grown, how it is packaged, how fresh it is when it arrives at your door are all factors that you should include in your quest for that perfect cup of green tea. To calculate the overall star rating and percentage breakdown by star, we don’t use a simple average. Pure green tea. Buddha Tea recommends a water temperature of 170-180 degrees and a steep time of 1-3 minutes. The aroma is outstanding as well. Everyone seems to be on board with this nowadays. But fresh, loose leaf green tea has its own personality based on a variety of factors. Each brand has a slightly different flavor even within the same overall type of green tea. But it is something I always look for and frankly I cannot remember the last time I saw a tea that was not fair trade. They are tightly rolled but still fresh enough that you can see the veins of the leaves adding to the overall freshness in their appearance. For much of history, tea was expensive and typically out of reach for most commoners in Japan. I like to steep for about 3 minutes. Please try again. Finding the region that suits your tastes the best is part of the fun of discovering new green tea. Order Processing, Order Receipt: Once you submit your order, and it is successfully processed on our secure server, your browser will display an order summary entitled "Order Receipt." They give you one of the best green tea experiences that you can find. In my opinion, the high end of the steep time is where you will want to be, but experiment to find your sweet spot. I narrowed it down as much as I could and inevitably left some wonderful green teas off this list. We want our customers to get the best price every time. Always experiment to find your perfect spot for each tea. SKIP TO OUR BEST TEA PICKS. All transactions are processed on a secure server. It is the most popular tea in Japan for a reason. As usual, let the water cool a little bit before steeping to get to the ideal temperature. It has an almost floral scent when steeped as opposed to a very grassy fragrance that many other green teas have. All of our teas are packaged in foil bags, so they arrive to you fresh. The only reason I did not give this product a one star rating is because ive actually tasted a worse Genmaicha tea recently. The aroma of both the dried leaves and the steeped tea is outstanding. The bulk container comes in a bag while the smaller option comes in a very nice tin. Fairtrade means that the people who actually grow the tea are going to get a fair deal when it comes to work and wages. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. Certainly not the verdant greens of may of the sencha green teas. It is completely missing the wonderful green umami notes. I think the color of the tea complements the earthy, forest aroma and flavor of Himalayan Pearls Green Tea. I enjoy them. These shippers are highly efficient and we rarely have problems with them. All this adds up to a light, incredibly drinkable tea. Frontier Co-op imports their special pin-head gunpowder green tea from its traditional source in China. What makes a great green tea? The taste of this exciting green tea is one that I think you will absolutely love. Statements regarding dietary supplements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition. This is true for our store as well; if you find that our store is lowering the price on a product you purchased from us less than 6 months ago, we will refund you the difference. You will want to only steep for about 60 seconds for the perfect cup of this Sencha Green. 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