Never. This completely flips the switch on the characters in Gotham. We’d love your help. Freeze's Dark Roots in Batman: White Knight Presents Von Freeze #1 Preview, Sean Gordon Murphy's The White Knight Returns… With New Creative Teams for the Murphyverse,, Pages using DynamicPageList parser function, Murphy refers to his stories as the "Murphyverse", something also informally used by. Batman White Knight is an 8 issue arc released from 2017-2018 written and drawn by Sean Murphy with Matt Hollingsworth doing the colours. Like how many times can are we supposed to freak out over the dichotomy of Batman as order against his chaotically disturbing violent stakes-upping archnemesis? The Batman: White Knight series took place in an alternate Gotham City where The Joker regained his sanity and Batman becomes notorious among Gothamites as someone himself insane. I know it takes traits ane ideas that made us fall in love with the original characters but I felt like it made its own. He has to be up there with Ribic as my fave artists. The Joker takes some magic pills and is no longer “crazy”. A super good storyline. Creators This just didn't work for me, it is too long, political, preachy and tedious to finish, not the kind of Batman story I like to read. It’s like if you were an Olympic diver who only needed to pull off a half-assed belly flop (or maybe a no-assed belly flop, because if your belly and ass can hit the water at the same time, methinks you’re either 1) impossibly flexible; or 2) an anatomical marvel that I either want to study more closely or vomit when I think about) to win gold while your opponent would need to execute a technically perfect reverse 4.5 somersault in pike position while handcuffed and wearing electrical nipple clamps to beat you to the podium. Thanks to trustworthy Wikipedia (though we all know Abraham Lincoln once said "Don't believe everything you read on the Internet.") “Batman: White Knight asks us to step back and take stock of the long-term impacts that Batman's activity has had on Gotham City.” —Kotaku “A breakout hit.” —SyFy Wire " Batman: White Knight is an entertaining and insightful graphic novel that stands perfectly alongside other classic Batman stories. [3] In 2020, Murphy announced that DC Comics had approved an imprint for titles focusing on characters in the universe, with books focusing on Harley Quinn, Nightwing and Batgirl to be written by other writers.[4]. The description of this story led me to believe that this was going to be about Batman being the bad guy and Joker being the good guy. How does it compare to the Dark Knight Returns graphic novel, The Killing Joke and Gotham by Gaslight movie, and the Gotham tv series? But they depend on so many coincidences. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. The Joker goes (dangerously) sane and poses the very real question, "Is Batman Gotham's greatest villain?". One of the best Batman vs Joker thrillers out there. There's the germ of a good idea here, but Murphy just isn't able to bring it to fruition. Question about this book: Why is it rated T+? Batman: White Knight, the visionary DC Black Label series first introduced by writer and artist Sean Murphy in 2017, has given readers one of the more unique takes on the Dark Knight mythos that we’ve seen in quite some time. He draws a mean Batmobile, essentially including every car that's ever made an appearance in a Bat-movie or TV series. I wanted to share t. When I am surfing the web occasionally I have discovered a website this really is particularly thought to invoke such as this one. I found that the idea is to use the known characters - such as Batman and Superman - in standalone stories intended for mature audiences. In 2019, Batman: White Knight Presents Von Freeze #1 covering the past of this world's Mi… All rights reserved. Start by marking “Batman: White Knight” as Want to Read: Error rating book. Earth; Murphyverse[1] [Joker gets elected to office almost immediately, the poor people of Backport, a poor district of Gotham, supporting him because a black dude who inexplicably likes the Joker tells them to. Issues. As a general rule, I’m not a big fan of What If?/alternate universe-type stories. [part of mi wish that Joker stay sane, but that erase the fun. In his tenure, he has worked on such titles as. The art is amazing!! Murphy's character and Batmobile designs are top notch. First he plans to reconcile with Harley Quinn, and then he’ll try to save the city from the one person who he thinks is truly Gotham City’s greatest villain: Batman! If you can get past the slightly ridiculous nature of the premise, which does require your suspension of disbelief to pull a double shift, this is an interesting book and pretty damned entertaining. So I guess DC's Black Label is intended to be a mature version of Elseworlds. Let us know what’s wrong with this preview of, Published The story is unique. Amazing read! Then The Joker takes some magic pills that turns him back into Jack Napier and he becomes a politician, with an anti-batman campaign and slowly turns everyone against The Dark Knight! All Site Content TM and © 2020 DC Entertainment, unless otherwise noted here. But when a new group of villains makes an appearance, it might be that Napier/Joker and Batman will have to team up to save the city. On some level, it feels like cheating to take characters created by others, throw off the shackles of continuity under which most of their creators have to operate, and do whatever you want with them with no repercussions. I wanted to share that I found the content on your website has been highly interesting and I learned new things. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. In his newly sober state, he decides to help Gotham by ridding it of its greatest scourge: Batman! Batman: White Knight (Volume 1) was a limited series, published by DC Black Label. He’s been called a maniac, a killer and the “Clown Prince of Crime” but “white knight”? Aliases In a world where Batman has gone too far, The Joker must save Gotham City.He’s been called a maniac, a killer and the “Clown Prince of Crime” but “white knight”?