To shop TurnStyles you can view our items on eBay or you may visit our thrift store which is located at 9750 W. 87th Street in Overland Park. There is also a 415 joint that makes the flute sound like a completely different instrument. German fingering, double holes, easy to play. And two headjoints with different embouchures: one features a“sharpened” leading edge to cut the column of air more cleanly(see close-up photo) the other headjoint has the standard embouchure. If you're sure you want it, use buy-it-now as I am also offering it on other venues and locally, so the. Rottenburgh A=415 flute has very stable intonation, with a sweet light timbre. Instead, my dad, who was a cabinetmaker for a long period of his life, helped me to buy a lathe when I was 18 and we started learning about flute making together. The little flute from pearwood: a soft and enchanting sound. 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Ks location. I am not knowledgeable in wind musical instruments but do know Quality when I see it. There is one mark in the faux ring on the headjoint that was there when I received the flute. very nice and clean. Please use the enlargement feature on photo's for best viewing& detail. This had been stored away for many years& I do not want to disturb its Originality without being a professional. Rare Professional Baroque flute traverso- G.A. This is your opportunity to acquire the flute and case. Je vends un traverso de la marque Moeck en très bon état. Rottenburgh stamp was in use on the oboes, recorders, flutes, clarinets, and bassoons the shop made was probably c1756-1803. Instead, my dad, who was a. As always. The 2nd and foot joints are later 20th c. sounding length 561mm. Returns: I accept full return(actual, payment less shipping) for any significant misrepresentation of the item in the description/photographs. Will ship insured upon request. If you do not feel you paid a fair price for the flute upon its delivery and inspection, you may return it within three business days from the delivery date for a full refund, less return shi, This Folkers and Powell G.A. I learned to play on this one! Need a repair MECHANICALLY: as-is not working. PLEASE NOTE: AS PER EBAYS PAYMENT POLICY WE CAN ONLY ACCEPT PAYMENT THROUGH PAYPAL UNLESS OTHERWISE SPECIFICALLY REQUESTED by BUYER. Comes in nice possibly period case with 1 key. Includes: carrier sleeve. Below is an excerpt from Folkers and Powell on the G.A. 6 keys) no damage; cracks/dents/repair to any joints(please see the pics for details) in fact it is in great shape. Overseas bidders- please wait for an invoice from me since ebay will not allow me to include insurance costs with the shipping amount for you. ABOUT ME Antique Nach Meyer Baroque Wooden Flute w/case. Returns are accepted within 14 days. 6 keys) stamped) 6 CLEMENTI& Co LONDON IMPROVED PATENT I see no damage; cracks/dents/repair to any joints(please see the pics for details), The flute is in excellent condition. Check out the Flute Repair Studio page for more information. It is also available with a shorter 440 corps de rechange. 6 keys) stamped) 6 CLEMENTI& Co LONDON IMPROVED PATENT I see no damage; cracks/dents/repair to any joints(please see the pics for details) in fact it is in great shape. Local Pick up Items may be picked up locally at our Overland Park. I know nothing about this instrument and it is for parts or repair it does have a hairline crack on the bottom wood piece which is stamped"Nach"H.F. MEYER HANNOVER. It has two bodys( in 415 and 408hz) The price is 2500$ but i sell this instrument for 1000 Euros i will send it gratis for spain but other countries ask me. 20" in length. Case. 6 keys. Martin' au dessus d'un lion en buis. Rottenburgh in 415 Hz. Nice sound. The flute is approximately 2 1/2 years old and in excellent condition. Each flute comes in a pouch case. I never sent it back because the flute played so well. Though without the grand tone of the true baroque instruments, it is easy to play in tune and with a beautiful sound. Not unusual for these older ones. Please leave us positive feedback as will do for you. In excellent condition. Martin Doyle completed his first set of baroque flutes in early 2000. If you will be not satisfied you can return the flute during 14 days. The price for a new modern traverso by Beaudin plus the case and one headjoint is $2450. ca. New Tassi instruments with a single center joint start at $2000-save some $$! There is a small area of light-coloured wood where the stain. One of Martin Doyle's favourite baroque flute players, Jana Semerádová, is featured here: The Day We Went To Sligo ». Baroque Flutes | Flute and Piccolo repair | Wooden Headjoints for Flute and Piccolo. Rottenburgh Flute. I am including a beautiful, custom, hand-made, padded, fabric case. I found that if I had not been playing it in a while. Learn more about Catholic Charities here: To Shop The TurnStyles Thrift Store is operated by Catholic Neighborhood Outreach. It comes with a vinyl. This is a great flute, but must sell. More information you find for: On this website you will find recordings, like play traversos from Grzegorz Tomaszewicz.S workshop. Payment by Pay Pal. References, or for any other information. The flute is in very good condition. The fingering system and basic tuning match that of the C soprano recorder. Stitches added. Wooden Flute, Indian Flute, Flute Instrument, Native American Decor, Flute Indian Bamboo, Native American Flute, Flute Wooden Indian, Wood Flute. Questions are welcome. £27.35 postage. Stamped. I'd like to add that it takes a while- maybe a week- to get used to the small blowhole. News : The Hotteterre Baroque flute. 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