The most expensive days to move are the weekends and during the holidays. Here is everything you need to know when calculating international moving costs: There are several significant costs to consider when moving internationally: The biggest expense you’ll have when moving abroad is the cost of shipping your belongings from your current home to your new residence in your destination country. It is often said that when you move to a new place you find yourself in a new world – new surroundings, new community, new lifestyle…. Press the below button to active them. Here are some of the main factors that affect international removal costs: These are two factors that have a major impact on the cost of a move. Your details are not shared with anyone other than the firms who are providing the quotes and we operate a strict no spam policy. Most countries have duty-free policies for importing used household goods for personal use. Otherwise, we’ll assume you’re OK to continue. When moving overseas via sole use, there are benefits such as faster departure and additional destination selections. We use Cookies for this website. International movers will look at a number of factors before providing you with a quote. Regardless of whether you choose air shipment or sea shipment, trucks will almost always be needed to take your shipment from your home to the seaport or airport (and vice versa). Sea transport is the most common method as it gives you space to transport a large volume for a cheap price. Not all factors of the move are being taken into consideration, such as import taxes as well as customs and duties. We are available 24/7. The mode of transport you choose to move your goods to your new country will determine both the shipping costs and the time it will take your belongings to arrive: Therefore, it makes sense to ship your most important and most essential belongings by air, as they will arrive within days and to use sea freight for the rest of your goods. So, unless you’re moving only a few boxes, Full Container Load (FCL) is your better option – you’ll be paying for the entire shipping container, but your goods will be safer, the delivery will be faster, and it will be cheaper in terms of cost per cubic meter (most shipping companies charge a flat rate for the use of the container, so you may have to pay for more space than your goods actually take). Note on data: The prices listed above are a sample of sea based port-to-port cargo rates and costs from based on trips between the ports listed only! Of the 1.6 million people we’ve helped move home since 1999, an increasing proportion are international movers looking to relocate overseas. Moving insurance costs are based on the value of the goods and can be anywhere between $100 and $1,000 or more (if transporting high-value items). Your international moving options are being calculated. ), and the storage period. Sometimes, you might feel cost to ship belongings overseas is pretty high, and it’s better to … Our tool provides an instant cost and timescale for your desired route, giving you the option to request further quotes from international removals companies should you wish to pursue a move abroad and receive an estimate for your international shipping costs. Your estimates have been e-mailed to you. We also use some non-essential cookies to collect information for making reports and to help us improve the site. Things to consider when deciding on a moving date, Use our international moving costs estimator, San Francisco to Auckland (2-bedroom home), San Francisco to Auckland (3-bedroom home), San Francisco to Ireland (2-bedroom home), San Francisco to Ireland (3-bedroom home), San Francisco to Germany (2-bedroom home), San Francisco to Germany (3-bedroom home), New York to the Netherlands (2-bedroom home), New York to the Netherlands (3-bedroom home), San Francisco to the Netherlands (2-bedroom home), San Francisco to the Netherlands (3-bedroom home), San Francisco to Singapore (2-bedroom home), San Francisco to Singapore (3-bedroom home), San Francisco to Costa Rica (2-bedroom home), San Francisco to Costa Rica (3-bedroom home), New York to South Africa (2-bedroom home), New York to South Africa (3-bedroom home), San Francisco to South Africa (2-bedroom home), San Francisco to South Africa (3-bedroom home). You can contact Jessica at:, Your email address will not be published. Bonus tip: To reduce your international moving shipping costs, you’re advised to pare down your possessions before the move and relocate only items that you really need and love – assess the peculiarities of your new country (climate, importation regulations, etc. International removals estimates and quotes. There are also options to share a container if you’re only planning on transporting a few items. ), the type of residence you’re going to live in, your new lifestyle after the relocation, the value of your possessions, and the risk of moving them at such a great distance and make a rational decision about what to take to your new home. For further details, please read our privacy policy. When moving overseas … We won't spam you. # When shipping by air, the weight of your goods will determine the cost – you’ll have to pay a certain amount per pound of your shipment. Some of the cookies we use are essential for the site to work. Generally speaking, the cost to ship furniture overseas can be anywhere between $1,000 and $4,500 (sea freight, port-to-port transportation). The same cost will go up if you ship by Air. It’s hard to give you an exact price, but you should expect to pay anywhere between £ 1,000 (GBP) and £ 3,000 (GBP) to ship your furniture overseas. It won’t affect the price immensely; however, it is still something you should take into account. Then, when the time comes to finally make the move, you’ll have to buy plane tickets for you and all your family members, of course. Comparing quotes will therefore ultimately save you a considerable amount of money. Yet, there are many specific requirements that vary from country to country, so you may need to pay customs duty for certain goods (such as a motor vehicle, for example). See also: How to find good international movers. AL1 3YD. See also: Things to consider when deciding on a moving date. Container Shipping Costs 2020: Rates and Information. There can be many reasons for the price difference – different quality of service, current level of busyness, ongoing promotions, need to fill up a groupage shipment, etc. Check what is included and if you need to take out extra insurance. This could be quite a big expense, so be sure not to overlook it when making your international moving budget. To get your calculation even faster, the entered contact details will be provided to licensed moving specialists for th… For example, if you live on the sixth floor in an apartment block which has no elevator, it will be more difficult for movers to bring your belongings down to the removal van. They assume easy access to both pick-up and drop-off locations and do not allow for special items. reallymoving ltd This can’t be truer than when moving to another country – it is, quite literally, a whole new world. Shipping a container by sea is the most common method of transporting your furniture abroad. Once you use our international moving costs estimator, you will be contacted by the professional moving specialists with your customized cost quote. International Moving Costs: Latest Rates for 2020, Container Shipping Prices (2020): Moving Containers from South Africa, Furniture Removal - How To Move Your Furniture, International Movers: Top 10 International Movers in South Africa (2020), Moving Abroad Checklist: A Step-by-Step Guide, Moving Quotes: Compare and Save Money on Your Move. 14B Chequer Street Besides, it is highly advisable to have your belongings professionally packed when moving abroad, so that they have a better chance to survive the risky trip to your new country intact and unscathed. You can use this tool to change your cookie settings. Airfare will depend on where you’re flying to, the time of the year (high or low season), and how much luggage you want to bring. We have placed cookies on your device to help make this website better. When moving to another country, you’ll probably need to fly there a few times before the actual relocation.