(They will mail you a form and tell you how to go about replacing parts), Guardian Service Cookware offers cookware and replacement glass covers. No information. Image Cookware is a trademark of Regal Ware Inc. Inkor is supported by Regal Ware Inc. (www.regalware.com). Aristo's "Plastic [In]compatible" ELECTRALUBE Legacy! Dazu gehört der Widerspruch gegen die Verarbeitung Ihrer Daten durch Partner für deren berechtigte Interessen. Authorized Service Centers Blenders Bread Makers Can Openers Chefscape The Chris Freytag Collection Cocoa / Hot Drink Makers Coffee Makers Cookware Cotton Candy Makers Egg Cookers Electric Skillets Fondue Pots & Rice Cookers Food Processors Fruit & Veggie … Now, what do I do with all of the Revere & Rena Ware that we've inherited/acquired over the last 15yrs? AMC for Healthing Cooking - Distributor for AMC waterless cookware in Canada, Cook for Your Health - Offers Maxam, Chefs Secret, Precise Heat, Foreverware and Health Craft; also has a book "Guide to Waterless Cooking", Cook and Carve - Various cookware products, including stainless steel waterless cookware, Cookware Solutions - Stainless steel cookware and other cooking products, Pots 'n Stuff - Individual waterless pots and accessories, Cook World Cookware - Set has temperature gauge on the lid, Simply Cookware - Carries Maxam, Steam Control, Precise Heat and Chef's Secret waterless cookware, VAPO-SEAL Cookware Kit includes SoGo 1, SoGo Plus 1 and SoGo SMR. 75236 USA, Farberware carries a line of Millenium cookware. Also check Regal Ware Customer Service - Order Online Parts to get replacement parts. Bella Cuisine is a trademark of Meyer Cookware. Source(s): find info aristo craft stainless cookware late 50 39 early 60 39 s: https://tr.im/EBjDN Improve service, sales, and profits with the Aristocraft A+ Advantage. Craft a better dry cleaner, LAUNDROMAT, or commercial laundry business. I know you love your vintage cookware as much as I love my vintage Rena Ware, and Revere Ware. It is nice and heavy, and best of all, it's from West Bend, WI. 416-783-4019 (Canada number), Cutco Cookware - See Products > Cookware in their site. Replacement Parts. ARISTO CRAFT STAINLESS COOKWARE SET OF 3 PANS 12"&10" SKILLETS - 10" SAUCE PAN Phone: (901) 867-2951. Sells and services for the following brands: Several years ago, the West Bend Cookware division was purchased by Regal Ware, Inc. from the West Bend Company. US Surgical Steel was marketed by West Bend. 53095-2780 Phone: (901) 867-2951, The company is out of business, but handles are available from former dealer Ron Swartley at archangel1390@aol.com, The West Bend Company West Bend, WI. Toronto, ON, Canada Wir und unsere Partner nutzen Cookies und ähnliche Technik, um Daten auf Ihrem Gerät zu speichern und/oder darauf zuzugreifen, für folgende Zwecke: um personalisierte Werbung und Inhalte zu zeigen, zur Messung von Anzeigen und Inhalten, um mehr über die Zielgruppe zu erfahren sowie für die Entwicklung von Produkten. I just picked up about 4 Vita Craft … Click on a button to bookmark or share this page through Twitter, Facebook, email, or other services: The Web address of this page is: Did your Aristo Craft set include any frypans? I am looking for replacement handles. Safe delivery guaranteed with our fleet of trucks. 1255 Paradise Hill Rd. 705 Lawrence Ave. W. You may have better luck locally. (765) 289-3318, 111000 W 58th Street New Era Dallas TX. (NOTE: If you don't find your product's company below, click on the Feedback Advice tab for more information.). Great, another excuse to go to more estate sales. It is however just as heavy as our Rena Ware. $8.40 shipping. $19.59. The major problem people have is that the plastic handles need replacement after all those years. This lesson with provide that information. Aristocraft Cookware View a vast selection of Aristocraft Cookware, all carefully selected. Customer Service: (262) 306-7054, SaladMaster Aristo Craft Trains G scale Train Accessory Item #ART-5475 5 Switches Unused 5 out of 5 stars (1) 1 product ratings - Aristo Craft Trains G scale Train Accessory Item #ART-5475 5 Switches Unused Please include it as a link on your website or as a reference in your report, document, or thesis. Clarksville, TN Indianapolis, IN 46250 Customer Service: (262) 306-7054. Contact Ivin Bernstein at ivin@getguardiancookware.com or 410-560-0777, Health Craft is a trademark of Health Craft, Inc. (If you have any additions or corrections, let me know.). Shawnee, Kansas 66203 Bella Cuisine (No longer made) See Meyer Cookware for support. Aristo Craft. She will be retiring her Revere Ware that she got as a wedding gift in 1967 which has seen alot of use what with raising 3 kids and all. I'll have to get in touch with Jane, and see if she has them somewhere. With your AristoCraft custom portal, you can easily access all your account information and place orders 24 x 7. 931-648-8016 or 1-800-356-2160 Improve service, sales, and profits with the Aristocraft A+ Advantage. Our company no longer provides customer support for these products. Yahoo ist Teil von Verizon Media. Customer service: (262) 626-2121, Rena Ware customer service for replacement parts, Royal Queen is a trademark of The West Bend Co. Upgrading Aristo-Craft Loco Motor Blocks from Sleeve to Ball Bearing AML High-Cube Box Cars & Kadee Body Mounts USA Trains American Series Woodside Reefer & Body Mount Kadee 789s I am looking for replacement handles. Call their customer service at 1-800-832-5932 to obtain a parts list with handles for these older cookware. Replacement parts are available for a nominal charge through one of these methods: Factory Authorized Food Processor Part - PIN for stainless steel Flap Food-Guide for multiple brand food cutters; include Ekco, Vollrath, LoHeat, Saladmaster, Jet-O-Matic, Future Craft, Health Craft, Vita Craft, Renaware and earlier models of Carico food cutters.See complete list of brands below: The PIN for the stainless steel flap is a PART of most food cutters made from 1939 until now. The Aristo Craft that our friend Elaine has was received as a wedding shower gift in April, 1968. It might be good to call them to verify. Lose Weight to Decrease Your Risk of Diabetes, Basis of Therapeutic Touch and Healing Touch. info@vitacraft.com Is the pouring lip , you can pour soup or gravy etc and never spill a drop or have it run down the side like liquids do with most cookware. 20609 - US Army Transportation Corps (In Stock), Covered Hopper lowering and Kadee body mount, HW Conversion: 2 to 3 axle - Napa Valley Wine Train, Fitting roller bearings to plug door box vignette, LGB's freight Trucks & Mods for Car Lowering, USAT Intermodal Car & Kadee 907 Centerset Couplers, Kadees for Bay & Extended Vision Cabooses, USA Trains American Series Woodside Reefer & Body Mount Kadee 789s, Aristo 1st Gen Floors & Kadee Body Mounts, Aristo Covered Hopper, Lowering & Kadee Install, AML Reefers with Kadees and AML coupler boxes, Aristo Flat & Gondola, Lowered, Weighted, Centerset Kadees, Aristo Fruit Growers Express RBNX Insulated Box Car, Aristo GP40 Problems - Smoking Motors & Debilitated Wheels, Aristo Revolution 15 Amp Base Station Implementation with PWC / Linear control, Aristo SD45 Weights & Railing Installation, Aristo Signal Bridge ART-7110 Electrical Nuances, Aristo Tank Car with Body Mounted Kadee 907s, Custom Kadee Coupler Boxes for Aristo Locos, Kadee #1 vs. G couplers - Metal Coupler Box, Kadees for USAT Bay & Extended Vision Cabooses, USAT SP Hydra-Cushion Boxcar & Kadee 830s, USAT Streamliners with Kadee 906 centerset couplers, Aristo Heavyweight Passenger Car & Body Mount Kadee 907s, LGB Modern Tank Car - Weighted, Lowered, Kadees, LGB Center Flow Hopper Car w/Kadee Couplers, USA Trains Modern Tank Cars & Body Mount Kadee Couplers, USA Trains 60 foot Box Car Body Mount Factory vs. Kadee Knuckle Couplers, LGB Modern 50 foot Box Car & Body Mount Kadee 907s, LGB's American Standard Gauge 1/29 Scale Trucks & Mods for Car Lowering, Aristo FA1/FB1 Lowered & Body Mount Kadee 907s, Upgrading Aristo-Craft Loco Motor Blocks from Sleeve to Ball Bearing, AML High-Cube Box Cars & Kadee Body Mounts, GP7/9 & body mount Kadees w/3d printed components, Aristo 50 ton 2 bay hopper car & body mount Kadees. Phone: 217-753-ABES Vollrath, New Era Cookware