No brushstrokes, puddles or thin spots. You can actually apply polyurethane with a clean, short nap roller. If you use a roller to apply the polyurethane, you get to eliminate possible brush strokes and lines; it also helps to minimize the chances of over-application of the finish. Roller. Putting too many coats of polyurethane on the surface of your wooden floor, for example, is likely to make the surface bulge unless you apply it to both sides of the wood as you’d expect, wood breath. Even so, if you can buy a replacement cover, then you will have the roller as a valuable tool in the long run. Polyurethanes are some of the best wood finishes that you can find in the market today. Follow this by washing the pan using hot running water. Number of Coats. Brush flat surfaces with a thin coat using a bristle brush. Apply the first coat of polyurethane using the best technique for the surface. Alternatively, you can choose to dispose of the container in your trash bin. Manufacturer guarantees/warranties for power tools, CNC and laser products will supersede the Rockler Guarantee if these items are damaged or defective. Paint rollers do not leave visible smears or strokes on the working surface. During the application process, ensure that you mix polyurethane with the mineral spirits for the very first coat. Polyurethane is available at hardware, home improvement and paint supply stores as well as online. Here’s a video on applying polyurethane using a roller:eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'woodcritique_com-banner-1','ezslot_4',110,'0','0'])); We believe that we have provided you some useful tips regarding the use of paint rollers in the application of polyurethane. Paint rollers do the best job, especially if you are looking to apply polyurethane over large surfaces such as wooden floors. One typical way of applying polyurethane is by use of brush, but can you apply polyurethane with a roller? Applying the material with a roller eliminates brush strokes and lines and prevents over-applying the material. Brushing a rounded, contoured or vertical surface is more likely to create drips. applying polyurethane with a roller. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Shake off any excess mineral spirits. Put your paint roller inside a freezer bag and allow the pan to dry. Share All sharing options for: Best Ways to Apply Polyurethane. Apply up to 3 coats of Polyurethane on your wooden floor would be enough to get the job done, especially if you are finishing your surface using an oil-based poly product. Minimize this problem by applying thinner coats or by switching from standard brush-on poly to a wipe-on or spray finish, both of which can be applied in very thin coats. Polyurethane is easily applied with a paint brush or roller and dries quickly. Remove the dried substances from the pan that contained the mineral spirits; you can use a flathead screwdriver to do so. What Kind of Roller do You Use for Polyurethane? Add your polyurethane formula in another paint pan next to the one containing the mineral spirits and closer to the surface that you intend to coat. Originally, it had to be brushed on, but different formulations mean it can now be applied as a spray or by wiping it on with a rag. Remember not to return the excess polyurethane into the original container as it will make the whole solution thin. The roller does an excellent job of covering the surface evenly regardless of whether or not the surfaces were initially prepared. I’m an avid fan of wipe-on polyurethane, but I had trouble applying it with a rag. Once you are through with the application of the first coat, dip the paint roller inside the pan of mineral spirits to dampen it entirely. You must follow that up with a “tipping off” using light brush strokes in the direction of the wood grain to remove any air bubbles and stipple. That is pretty clear to all now, right? Use hot running water to wash your paint roller so that you remove any remaining parts of the polyurethane as well as the mineral spirits off the roller. This coat acts more like a sealer and the barrier between the wood and the oil-based finish that you are using. Your order will come with a return form with convenient instructions, or you may send your returns directly to Returns Department, Rockler Woodworking and Hardware, 4365 Willow Drive, Medina, MN 55340. Have your latex gloves as well as nose mask on for protection against contact and inhaling of polyurethane chemicals. The paint rollers are poor when it comes to the painting of joints, curves, and corners. Wash the paint roller under hot running water to remove any polyurethane and mineral spirits from the roller. Note: I prefer to use 6-in. You need to use a bristle brush to apply this coat. A Teflon baking tray makes a great rolling pan.