There is also a distinct lack of villagers that provide Cotton given how much you need it to craft Furniture and Amenities, so you may want to prioritise that too. Bei OK Motors können Sie Ihr Wohnmobil aufleveln und neu lackieren lassen. The animals you may encounter will move around, the Market Place has different vendors, and all resources refresh at certain intervals. As you level up, you'll add new animals to your Contacts, get more inventory or Market Box space, and have access to new furniture that you can craft. Who doesn’t want discounts? Animal Crossing is Nintendo's community-based simulation game that's incredibly popular. Let us know in the comments! All rights reserved. The first Animal Crossing game to be released on anything other than a Nintendo console is called Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, and it's out now on Android and iOS. Have fun! But what if you don’t have a Switch? The game will provide you a storage bag. für solche mit -Symbol. This Animal Crossing Pocket Camp guide will give you all the tips and tricks you need. We hope with these quick tips you’re on your way to being the best camp manager Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp has ever seen. You can move by tapping on your desired location or by dragging your character around. Plus, the game has plenty of room for improvements and even more content, such as the Christmas event. When the next three-hour cycle for the four spawn points is about to start, I remove Tex from my camp. The Market Box is where you can list items for sale to other Pocket Camp players. Or, use a social site for gamers, like Reddit's Pocket Camp subreddit. For all villagers, their levels will max out at seven unless you build the proper amenity on your campsite. The amount of bells that can drop ranges from 300 to 1000. Why do I need to collect them? So how do you collect? This fruit storage trick ensures that you constantly have fruit available when you need them for requests. You can sell directly from the item screen and get the standard value from the item. All your villagers belong to one of four themes - Cool, Natural, Sporty, and Cute - and their level cap is determined by their correspondingly themed Amenity. This location gives you craft materials and Bells for free, as long as you get help from five of your friends. As the latest iteration in the Animal Crossing franchise and Nintendo’s fourth foray into mobile, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp looks and sounds just like the original, but adapts the charm of the series into an experience that fits on your smartphone. Wir empfehlen zudem, regelmäßig zu spielen, um kontinuierlich Belohnungen zu erhalten und keine Events zu verpassen, die neben Levelaufstiegen auch seltene Gegenstände bieten. So make sure to spend your tickets to get the extra two crafting slots as soon as you can. Beste Tipps zu Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Ihr oberstes Ziel in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp sollte darin bestehen, stetig neue Camper anzulocken. When this happens, it's time to sell for some extra Bells. What does this mean? Nachdem Sie das erste Mal mit einem Tier geredet haben, können Sie es über den Tab "Camper" finden. To actually buy items from other players, you need to visit their campsite. Also, follow us on Instagram and Twitter for quick updates. Sie können Ihren Zeltplatz mit verschiedenen Gegenständen ausstatten. Besonders bei in-game Events, die regelmäßig in festgelegten Zeiträumen stattfinden, sind Freunde für den schnellen Fortschritt unerlässlich. Instead, I put in some max-level villagers or animals that provide Steel, because I don't need Steel and it would be a waste of experience points if they spawned in the wild. Insects, on the other hand, is a little tricky. So könnt ihr in Animal Crossing - Pocket Camp ganz schnell und einfach Blatt-Bons und Sternis farmen. A good item to always stock in your Market Box are your surplus fruits in Lost Lure Creek. Pleasing them means you will need to run errands and grant their requests. All of their furniture requirements are listed, and there's a convenient Craft button for the ones you don't already have. Ab diesem Zeitpunkt können Sie neue Wünsche erfüllen - und so mehr Belohnungen einsammeln. Having a large pool of friends in the game means you have more people to send Quarry Help Requests to, so you can get your one free session a day done. You can see your Loan Balance, your current amount of Bells, and you choose how much you want to pay. So erhalten Sie am meisten Belohnungen. Andere Spieler werden einen hohen Preis dafür bezahlen. Second, each animal has a list of furniture items that must be at your campsite before they'll come. Im nächsten Tipp zu Pocket Camp zeigen wir Ihnen, wie Sie kostenlos Blatt-Bons bzw. Freunden Sie sich mit anderen Spielern an, um diverse Vorteile zu genießen. You can use it by tapping on the desired item, then choose Market Box. I need lots of Cotton, and Tex gives Cotton. And once you’re ready to explore, you’ll notice a lot of things on the ground, fruits on the trees, insects, and fishes. Did you find the Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Beginners Guide helpful? They will even offer you free custom paint for your camper. Die besten Tipps und Tricks für den Erfolg im Spiel lesen Sie in diesem Praxistipp. The moment you hit level 5, you can begin crafting a new category of items called Amenities. Diese Fische und Insekten gibt es in Animal Crossing - Pocket Camp. Since this pandemic, Nintendo Switch is one of those gaming consoles that hit the right button when it comes to sales. Either way, completing timed and stretch goals both award you with Leaf Tickets, so you have plenty of opportunities to nab some freebies. Außerdem lässt sich Ihr Camper dort vergrößern. Für Links auf dieser Seite erhält CHIP ggf. Alle drei Stunden werden die Tiere auf allen Abschnitten zurückgesetzt. Every 24 hours, the day in Pocket Camp is reset, so you can get your Daily Login Bonus. Make sure you tap on the insect before you move near it to ready your net. eine Provision vom Händler, z.B. These are usually pretty easy to accomplish and don't involve much effort with regular play. ), The 7 Best Electric Razors for a Closer Shave, You Can Now Save Spotify Podcast Episodes to Your Library, The Best Thunderbolt 3 Docks for Your MacBook Pro, Microsoft Edge Receives a New Copy-Paste Feature to Take On Chrome, 8 Google Contests Where You Can Win Cool Prizes, Google Has Massive Discounts on Nest Products Right Now. She has been covering technology for many years and has a strong passion for gaming. This brings up a tricky dilemma because you get a bigger dump of resources when you’re fulfilling requests for a villager outside of your campsite, but you get more consistency in your campsite because you can control who appears there. Wenn Sie an einem Baum rütteln, fallen alle Früchte auf den Boden und können von Ihnen eingesammelt werden. Wenn Sie im späteren Spielverlauf genug Ressourcen und Geld übrig haben, können Sie immer noch anderen Gegenstände bauen. Mehr Infos. Unless you purchase more Market Box for 10 Leaf Tickets each. franchise and Nintendo’s fourth foray into mobile, , but adapts the charm of the series into an experience that fits on your smartphone. Head on over to the Menu then go to Contacts.