To use the calculator below, enter the frequency of interest and the values of water temperature and depth. NOTE: To avoid very complicated calculations of electronic transitions, numerous measurements of the absorption cross-sections of the atmospheric atoms and molecules absorbing in the UV and visible have been performed in laboratory experiments. Von Dreele, Matthew R. Suchomel and Brian H. Toby, based on the python software package Absorb (download here). The linear absorption coefficient of matter towards Cu radiation is generally higher and should not exceed 10 mm-1. (click here for more information) Web utility created by Robert B. for an exemplary calculation, see here; mass absorption coefficients taken from here (1 ≤ Z ≤ 83; based on H. P. Klug and L. E. Alexander, X-Ray Diffraction Procedures: For Polycrystalline and Amorphous Materials, Wiley, 2nd edn., 1974.) Sponsored Links . The mean absorption coefficient can be calculated as. It is expressed numerically in units of cm-1. A systematic quantitative study of the various trends is presented. The values for the absorption are calculated automatically. Default values for salinity and acidity pH) are provided, but these can also be modified if this data is available. α m = (12.2 m 2 Sabine) / ((10 m 2) + (10 m 2) + (40 m 2)) = 0.2. Linear attenuation coefficient (µ) is a constant that describes the fraction of attenuated incident photons in a monoenergetic beam per unit thickness of a material 1.It includes all possible interactions including coherent scatter, Compton scatter and photoelectric effect 1.. Its complement is the transmitted portion of the beam. About: This routine estimates capillary sample absorption for transmission geometry (Debye-Scherrer) powder X-ray diffraction measurements. This calculator predicts the reverberation time (RT60) of an enclosed space, a quantity useful for determining or designing its appropriateness for music and speech. The calculated spectra clearly reflect the well-known dependence of nanoparticle optical properties viz. The three alternatives are derived using algorithms from the sources specified. the resonance wavelength, the extinction cross-section, and the ratio of scattering to absorption, on the nanoparticle dimensions. » Return to 11-BM X-ray absorption webpage These calculation models are based on rectangularly shaped rooms with three pairs of parallel boundaries, named in this tool the sidewalls, front/rear walls, and floor/ceiling. Related Topics .